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Chandler Aggravated DUI Attorney

In Arizona, aggravated DUI most consequential charge for driving under the influence that you can receive. A guilty conviction could lead to felony charges on your permanent record and a mandatory prison sentence.

To protect your future, it is crucial that you have a skilled attorney with years of experience by your side. At the Grand Canyon Law Group, we are former prosecutors using our experience to aggressively protect the rights of those accused. A Chandler aggravated DUI lawyer at our firm can provide your best chance of defeating the charges against you.


If an officer makes a DUI arrest and there are aggravating factors present, the prosecution will elevate the charges to aggravated driving under the influence. Aggravating factors will boost misdemeanors to felonies, leading to much harsher penalties upon conviction.

The primary aggravating factors include:

  • The driver receiving a third DUI citation after having at least two prior DUI convictions within the previous seven years
  • The driver having a minor under the age of 15 years old in the car at the time of DUI arrest
  • The driver having a suspended or revoked driver’s license when they are arrested for DUI
  • A driver charged with DUI while under an ignition interlock restriction from a previous DUI conviction
  • A driver facing DUI charges after driving the wrong direction on a roadway


Under ARS 28-1383, an aggravated DUI charge could lead to a felony conviction on the defendant’s permanent record. If the court finds the driver guilty of this charge, they will receive mandatory prison time and steep fines. An aggravated DUI is more severe than a regular or extreme driving under the influence conviction. Our experienced attorneys will help you to understand the aggravating factors in the case and all of the penalties you may face under the circumstances.


Aggravated DUI is a class four felony in Arizona. If convicted, mandatory consequences include a prison sentence of at least four months, the loss of driver’s license for at least three years, supervised probation of up to ten years, and drug and alcohol counseling classes. If convicted a second or third time of aggravated DUI, the driver faces more serve consequences that can include a much longer prison sentence.

An aggravated DUI conviction can negatively impact the rest of a person’s life. Because a convicted person will have a felony on their permanent record, they may will lose many of their rights, such as the right to vote and firearms privileges. A criminal record may also cause difficulty finding employment, getting specific business licenses that require a background check, or qualifying for government-backed loan programs.

This kind of arrest can be highly stressful and disorienting. Additionally, the legal system is complex to navigate for anyone without proper representation from an aggravated DUI attorney. As such, the first priority for someone facing severe DUI charges should be to contact an experienced lawyer at our firm to review their case, collect evidence, and prepare a powerful defense.


Aggravated DUI charges carry much heftier fines, far longer license suspensions, and lengthier prison sentences than standard drunk driving charges. For these reasons, it is essential for an accused driver to work with the right attorney on their defense.

At the Grand Canyon Law Group, our dedicated lawyers have handled countless aggravated DUI cases and will work tirelessly toward a positive resolution. We believe you have a way of life worth saving, so let us guide you through the challenging court process and represent your best interests at every step of the way. Call a Chandler aggravated DUI lawyer today to get started.

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