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Chandler Traffic Ticket Attorney

Driving can sometimes take an unpleasant turn. If you were recently issued a ticket for reasons you believe are unfair or untrue, speak with a Chandler traffic lawyer. Traffic violations come in many forms, most of which require seasoned legal assistance to navigate successfully.

The former Deputy County attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group have a deep understanding of the Arizona court system and all applicable penalties and laws. We know the types of sobriety tests and other technologies used by state police officers and are committed to defending the rights of drivers.


Even for minor or first offenses, driving-related charges typically require rigorous legal defense from a local attorney. Traffic tickets—and in more serious cases, arrests—often result from the following common violations:

  • Speeding
  • Illegal U-turns
  • Driving with a suspended license or no license
  • Driving with suspended registration or no registration
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Hit-and-run accidents or leaving a traffic crash scene
  • Highway racing

According to the Arizona Revised Statutes Chapter 3, Article 28, Section 921, unlawful vehicle modifications can also result in traffic tickets. Violations include modifications that make vehicles hazardous.


Penalties for traffic convictions in Arizona depend on the nature of the violation and whether the defendant is a first-time offender. For example, if the vehicle was used to commit a felony, the defendant would have their license revoked and face potential fines and prison time. Two or more convictions for reckless driving and/or highway racing also results in license revocation.


Additionally, a defendant’s driving privileges may be suspended depending on their accumulation of license points, which are assigned per violation. For example, driving under the influence (DUI), highway racing, and aggressive driving incur eight points. Six license points accompany offenses such as failing to stop at a traffic signal and causing a death or vacating the scene of an accident. Failing to stop and causing serious injury adds four points, while speeding adds three.

If a driver accumulates eight or more points over a 12-month period, they must attend Traffic Survival School (TSS) to avoid license suspension for up to one year. They may also face license suspension for three to 12 months depending on the number and severity of violations. For example, drivers who have between 18 to 23 points on their licenses typically receive six-month suspensions.


The Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles can suspend or revoke driving privileges if a driver has incurred multiple traffic convictions, used their license for fraudulent or otherwise unlawful purposes, or faces an unresolved judgement from another state. Failing to pass a driving retest can also result in permanent license suspension. In these cases, assistance from an experienced lawyer in Chandler may be necessary to minimize or prevent serious traffic penalties.


Attempting to deal with driving-related charges alone or not taking them seriously could be a huge mistake. Be proactive about your case by making an appointment with a Chandler traffic lawyer today. One of the skilled attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group can personally review your case and advise you on traffic court proceedings. Call our law firm today to begin building an effective defense strategy.

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