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Chandler Student Defense Attorney

Going to college is a big step towards independence. However, when young adults make temporary lapses of judgement or find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, they can have unfortunate run-ins with the law. To prevent a mistake from ruining a promising future, it is best to consult a Chandler student defense lawyer.

An attorney with experience handling student cases understands that you or your child may be scared, confused, or stressed at the thought of criminal charges. At Grand Canyon Law, our assertive legal advocates are ready to provide the counsel, guidance, and representation you need to move past this experience with an unblemished record.


Young adults are still maturing and learning about the world. However, this can result in legal trouble when combined with newfound freedom from parent supervision. Additionally, police officers often frequent college towns on Friday and Saturday nights, looking for parties where attendees are not 21 years old.

As such, many of these charges are for drug or alcohol-related allegations. Our dedicated local attorneys often represent college student cases concerning:


If convicted, students face penalties ranging from relatively minor to severe. These can include sanctions such as academic probation, loss of campus housing, suspension, or expulsion. Penalties can also include driver’s license suspension for traffic offenses, or sex offender registration if the student is convicted of sexual assault.

Since most college students are 18 or older and can therefore be tried as adults, convictions could result in permanent criminal records. It is important to remember that this could have serious future ramifications and affect their ability to secure housing or find employment. Any young adult facing criminal charges in Chandler should seek an aggressive student defense attorney to protect their future prospects.


Working with a legal representative who focuses on defending young adults can be key in reducing the chances of conviction. Experienced lawyers, such as the former prosecutors at Grand Canyon Law, can prepare students in Chandler for internal hearings and other legal proceedings to protect them from accidentally incriminating themselves. They can also explain confusing legal terms, review their constitutional rights, and work to avoid damaging internal hearing and litigation sessions.

A strong legal defense could also protect the financial interests of an accused student by combatting financial damages in a civil claim as well as criminal fines and penalties. When aided by a persistent legal defender, a successful hearing and trial in Chandler can allow a student to resume their normal life, move forward with their education, and pursue a rewarding career without lasting damage to their reputation.


Facing criminal charges can leave you feeling overwhelmed and shocked. However, you do not have to process this situation alone. Reach out to a Chandler student defense lawyer to counteract false accusations and mitigate potential damage to your future and reputation.

Take legal action so you do not have to pay for a college mistake or incident for the rest of your life. The legal team at Grand Canyon Law is here to discuss your situation and work tirelessly on your behalf.

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