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Solicitation is a crime that promotes a related crime in Arizona, most commonly prostitution. If convicted, you could face jail time and steep fines, as well as damage to your reputation. As such, an arrest for solicitation should not be taken lightly.

Because a conviction stays on your record, you may have trouble winning a child custody case, finding suitable housing, or being considered for a job. If you are charged with this preparatory crime, contact the dedicated lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group immediately to begin preparing an aggressive defense strategy. A Chandler solicitation lawyer can work to ensure that these charges do not affect your freedom, reputation, and way of life.


Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-1002 defines solicitation as a person’s actions to induce another person to engage in a felony or misdemeanor in which both parties would participate. Although this could involve conspiring to commit various crimes, sexual offenses are usually associated with solicitation.

Importantly, Arizona laws do not differentiate between solicitation for sexual favors and prostitution. A person can be charged with solicitation under the state’s prostitution statutes because two of the three requirements for a prostitution arrest involve solicitation. However, some municipalities are more specific. For example, sexually oriented businesses, including escort services, are tightly regulated in Chandler and face punishment if employees solicit customers for sexual activity.


Under Chandler Code of Ordinances §19-5.2, escorts can be charged with solicitation, or manifesting an attempt to commit prostitution, if a reasonable person believes they are being solicited. Some acts that imply solicitation are:

  • A known prostitute initiates the interaction
  • A witness or police officer is touched or groped
  • The escort directs conversation to whether the customer is a police officer
  • A person interprets the escort’s conversation as an offer to perform sexual services for tips
  • The escort admits they are working or dating
  • A police officer deduces someone is attempting to commit prostitution by the location of the conversation, or the clothing, mannerisms, or actions of the suspect

A person convicted of Chandler Ordinance 19-5.2 will be fined $500 for a first offense and $1,000 for a second offense. Because an arrest for prostitution often includes a second charge for solicitation, a tenacious attorney in the area should be contacted immediately to avoid serious consequences. The former prosecutors at Grand Canyon Law Group have vast experience contesting these charges and can work to protect the rights of those accused of solicitation.


Under Arizona law, the classification of the crime of solicitation depends on the accused person’s prostitution history. Prostitution is a Class 1 misdemeanor, and for soliciting prostitution, the accused can be charged with a second Class 3 misdemeanor. If the accused has been convicted of prostitution at least three times and reoffends, the charge escalates to a Class 5 felony, with associated charges for solicitation escalating to a Class 1 misdemeanor. These charges carry potential jail time, so it is crucial to contact a local solicitation lawyer immediately after any prostitution-related arrest.


Our skilled attorneys are experienced in building cases to exonerate defendants using several strategies. Some common legal defenses to a solicitation charge in Chandler include:

  • The police violated the accused’s rights, such as by failing to administer Miranda rights or searching a suspect’s home without a warrant
  • The defendant is a victim of sex trafficking and has immunity from prosecution for prostitution and solicitation
  • The defendant was not soliciting sex in exchange for money or valuables
  • The police officer harassed the defendant into admitting solicitation when there was none

The attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group are well-practiced in defending against solicitation charges and can advise accused Chandler residents on avoiding conviction.


In Arizona, solicitation is often accompanied by prostitution charges, which could mean additional fines and possible jail time. Chandler also addresses solicitation-related offenses according to its city ordinances, so it is important to work with a knowledgeable local attorney who can explain the nuances of these charges.

If you are accused of solicitation, contact a Chandler solicitation lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group. Our legal team is well-researched in both state and Chandler laws, and we can use this knowledge to build a rigorous defense on your behalf. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.

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