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Chandler Sexual Assault Attorney

Few criminal offenses are investigated and prosecuted as harshly as those involving sexual assault. That said, you still have important legal rights when facing an allegation of this nature, including the right to contest the charges against you and the right to legal counsel.

Regardless of your circumstances or criminal history, a Chandler sexual assault lawyer will be a crucial advocate throughout the legal proceedings. From interacting with law enforcement investigators and court officials on your behalf to presenting a comprehensive defense in court, a dedicated attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group will fight tirelessly for you and your future.


Arizona Revised Statute §13-1406 defines sexual assault as intentionally or knowingly engaging in “sexual intercourse” or “oral sexual contact” with someone who does not consent to that interaction. In this context, “sexual intercourse” includes penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth by any part of the perpetrator’s body or an object. Both verbalized non-consent and material non-consent—for example, someone being physically or cognitively impaired by alcohol—can serve as the basis for this type of charge.

Sexual assault is categorized as a Class 2 felony with unique sentencing ranges established under A.R.S. §13-1406. A first-time offender over 18 years of age who commits sexual assault against someone over 15 years of age may be subject to 5.25 to 14 years of imprisonment upon conviction. The respective ranges for second-time and third-time or subsequent felony offenders are seven to 21 years and 14 to 28 years.

Additionally, anyone who commits sexual assault by knowingly or intentionally administering an intoxicating substance to the targeted person without their knowledge is subject to a three-year increase to the applicable sentencing range. Anyone who causes serious physical injury while committing sexual assault may face life imprisonment upon conviction with no eligibility for parole, pardon, or early release before serving at least 25 years. Those facing sexual assault charges need steadfast representation from our Chandler attorneys to prevent severe penalties.


The sanctions listed above become substantially more severe when someone is accused of sexually assaulting a minor under 15 years of age. This is considered a Dangerous Crime Against Children subject to the sentencing ranges established under A.R.S. §13-705. As per this statute, a first-time offender convicted of sexually assaulting someone older than 12 and younger than 15 may face between 13 and 27 years in prison, with repeat offenders subject to between 23 and 37 years.

Sexual assault of a minor under 12 is generally punishable by life imprisonment with a mandatory minimum of 35 years. The seasoned lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group can provide vital assistance contesting charges of sexual assault and sexual conduct with a minor in Chandler, both of which are prosecuted similarly.


Being accused of sexual assault can be a life-altering experience and even more devastating if your case ends in a conviction. Even if you are just under investigation for an alleged sexual assault, you should prioritize contacting a seasoned attorney.

A Chandler sexual assault lawyer can work tenaciously to enforce your rights and preserve your best interests. Do not take any chances with your case when the stakes are this high. Call Grand Canyon Law Group today to get the steadfast representation you need.

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