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Embezzlement charges can be among the most complex examples of theft cases in the state’s criminal code. What makes these matters so difficult to understand is the fact that the term “embezzlement” does not appear anywhere in state law. Additionally, these cases involve people who had the legal right to hold the allegedly stolen property prior to the supposed theft.

These areas of nuance allow for many potential avenues of defense. At the Grand Canyon Law Group, a Chandler embezzlement lawyer can help you to better understand the charges you face under state law. Our knowledgeable attorneys will work to examine the State’s evidence and identify any weaknesses that may allow for an effective defense strategy in court.


Criminal courts in Chandler and the rest of the state use a singular statute to define and prosecute all forms of theft. According to Arizona Revised Statute § 13-1802, this includes situations where a person takes property or services from another after the true owner placed those items into the defendant’s trust. This is the classic definition of embezzlement.

Prosecutors pursuing an embezzlement case must prove three main concepts:

  • The defendant took or used the property in a way that was outside the owner’s permission
  • The defendant took this property with the intent to deprive the owner of its use
  • The owner first entrusted the property to the care of the defendant

Embezzlement charges can arise out of a variety of circumstances. For example, parties who hold client funds for a specific purpose, such as to make investments in the stock market, may commit embezzlement if they do not keep the funds separate from personal accounts. A Chandler embezzlement attorney can provide more information about these types of complex charges.


There are many factors that determine the penalties following an embezzlement conviction. The main factor is that as the value of the embezzled property increases, so will the seriousness of the charge. A basic embezzlement charge is a class 1 misdemeanor. This means that a conviction can bring a jail term of no more than six months, a fine of up to $2,500, or both.


However, theft of any item with a value of at least $1,000 is a felony. With mitigating factors, the prison sentence may be as short as four months. However, aggravating factors may lead to a prison term of up to two years.

The most serious theft offenses are class 2 felonies. Under the law, convictions with mitigating factors require a three-year prison sentence, and the longest sentences can be 12.5 years.

A final factor to consider is a person’s prior criminal record. A second or subsequent theft conviction may make the new offense a felony. In addition, repetitive felony convictions also result in enhanced sentences. Those facing these charges should work with an embezzlement lawyer at our firm to fight against harsh penalties.


Embezzlement is just one example of a theft crime. These offenses allege that a person kept property without the permission of the owner beyond their original authority. As a result, prosecutors must be able to prove that a theft occurred, that you had original permission to hold the object, and that you intended to deprive the original owner of the item.

A Chandler embezzlement lawyer at the Grand Canyon Law Group can help to dispute the prosecution’s case. This could result in a reduction in charges or even a full acquittal. Our dedicated defense attorneys are former prosecutors who know how to handle these cases the right way, so contact us today to explore your options.

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