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Chandler Drug Possession Attorney

States across the country are relaxing their drug possession laws or redirecting their enforcement efforts toward shutting down drug distribution networks. However, Arizona continues to direct considerable law enforcement resources toward people who possess illegal drugs.

If you were arrested and face drug possession charges, be proactive in protecting yourself and your future. Call a dedicated attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group to defend you. A Chandler drug possession lawyer at our firm will work tirelessly to get the charges dismissed or reduced or present a strong case for acquittal in court.


Typically, possession charges involve a relatively small quantity of the illegal substance, suitable only for personal use. Prosecutors usually bring distribution or trafficking charges against people with greater amounts of drugs in their possession. The state’s unique drug law scheme puts illegal substances into six categories. The type and quantity of drugs determine how severe the charges might be.

For example, the state defines cocaine, anabolic steroids, PCP, MMDA, methamphetamine, and many other substances as “dangerous drugs” under the law. In most cases, someone possessing an amount for personal use would face Class 4 felony charges. The same charges would apply if the drug were a narcotic. However, possessing peyote is a Class 6 felony, and possessing illegal prescription drugs is a Class 1 Misdemeanor.


Drug crimes carry harsh penalties in Arizona. However, when quantities are small enough to merit only possession charges, a Chandler attorney has more opportunity to negotiate for a reduced charge. Again, the type of drug will impact the options available.

For example, Arizona Revised Statute §13-3407 allows a first offender facing Class 4 felony possession charges to plead to a Class 1 misdemeanor. In some circumstances, a prosecutor could recommend deferred disposition and put the accused on probation. However, if the drug involved was methamphetamine, LSD, or PCP, the prosecutor does not have the flexibility to negotiate reduced charges.

Similarly, a defendant’s prior criminal record greatly impacts the potential sentence they might receive. A first offender convicted of a Class 4 felony could receive probation, but probation is not an option for someone with prior felony convictions. A first offender with aggravating circumstances could be sentenced to three years and nine months in prison, while someone with two prior felonies and aggravating circumstances faces 7.5 years. Our knowledgeable Chandler lawyers can further explain the potential penalties for drug possession charges.


Arrests for drug possession sometimes result from improper traffic stops or illegal searches. Sometimes, the arresting officers do not inform someone of their right to remain silent. Our skilled drug possession attorneys could scrutinize police behavior to ensure the officers respected the accused’s Constitutional rights. If not, we could bring a motion to throw out the evidence the police obtained illegally.

Police and other investigators must preserve and handle evidence according to certain procedures. Examining how the police handled the drugs after confiscating them and looking at the crime lab’s procedures can sometimes provide evidence supporting a defense case.

A prosecutor must show that the defendant knew they possessed the drugs and that the substances they possessed were illegal. Challenging the prosecution’s evidence of intent with help from a Chandler drug possession attorney could result in an acquittal.


Call a Chandler drug possession lawyer as soon as possible after you are arrested. You should not face police questioning without a legal representative by your side.

Although drug possession charges are serious, a skilled attorney can often arrange to have them dismissed or reduced. Contact Grand Canyon Law Group today to discuss your legal options and get the dedicated representation you need.

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