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Chandler Vehicular Homicide Attorney

If you are facing charges after a fatal car accident, you may feel terrified, overwhelmed, and unsure of where to turn. A single error in judgment that leads to another person’s death could mean a criminal conviction and the loss of your freedom, rights, and future opportunities. In this high-stakes situation, you need legal representation from a Chandler vehicular homicide lawyer.

Vehicular homicide is a broad term the state uses to describe vehicular crimes that result in death, including manslaughter and negligent homicide. The state can and usually will charge an individual with vehicular homicide for causing the untimely death of another individual. Let a skilled attorney at the Grand Canyon Law Group explain the charges against you and work to mitigate the penalties you face. The right lawyer could make the difference between devastating criminal consequences and a successful resolution to your case.


There are certain traffic violations that may result in manslaughter charges if they lead to a fatal accident. The law also considers vehicles as deadly weapons in alcohol-related accident cases. Violations that could result in a vehicular manslaughter charge include:

According to Revised Arizona Statute 13-1103, the state can charge a person with vehicular manslaughter if they recklessly and carelessly cause the death of another with a substantial and unjustifiable risk. The state will typically pursue these charges if the defendant was using excessive speed or driving under the influence.

Importantly, the defendant’s allegedly risky behavior must deviate from the standard conduct of a reasonable person. Our seasoned attorneys in Chandler can investigate the incident and present evidence to counter these elements of vehicular manslaughter charges.


Arizona Revised Statute 13-1102 defines negligent homicide as the death of another human that occurs during the commission of a criminally negligent activity. For instance, a person can face charges under this statute for the death of an unborn child.

An experienced vehicular homicide attorney at our firm can further explain the relevant statutes for these charges and craft an airtight defense tailored to the situation. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our lawyers have significant experience defending vehicular negligent homicide cases and understand the right way to fight the prosecution.


The consequences of a vehicular homicide conviction will vary depending on the circumstances of each case. However, sentencing for vehicular manslaughter and negligent homicide is generally as follows:

  • A first offense conviction for vehicular manslaughter is a class two dangerous felony
  • A negligent homicide conviction is a class four felony (and almost always charged as a dangerous offense)
  • Both crimes accompany lengthy and mandatory prison sentences, which are significantly increased for prior convictions

To protect their way of life and mitigate the potential penalties, it is crucial for anyone charged with vehicular homicide in Chandler to contact a skilled attorney at our firm as soon as possible.


If you or a loved on are facing these charges, you need a dedicated advocate in your corner. When your life, freedom, and rights are at stake, retaining experienced legal counsel should be the top priority.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, a Chandler vehicular homicide lawyer can work with you at every step of the way and explain how the laws apply to the facts of your case. We can also keep track of filings and timelines and help you decide on the best plan of action for your defense. Give us a call today to get started.

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