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Chandler Probation Violation Attorney

In some cases, judges may sentence people to probation rather than send them to prison. First offenders facing serious charges could receive probation sentences in return for a guilty plea. Probation can allow a person to avoid prison, but the conditions of probation are intentionally strict. The idea is that by obeying the probation conditions, the defendant will change their habits and avoid the people that might have led them into crime.

Probation violations can lead to harsh consequences, including being sent to prison. If you are accused of violating your probation, contact an experienced attorney immediately. A Chandler probation violation lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group could help minimize the consequences you face and work to keep you out of prison. We believe you have a way of life worth saving.


Many people convicted of misdemeanors are sentenced to unsupervised probation. They must check in with the court periodically to report on their progress in paying fines and restitution, participating in community service, or fulfilling other conditions of probation. Others may be subject to supervision by a probation officer. According to Arizona Statute §13-901, the officer can conduct unannounced inspections of the person’s home, show up at their workplace, and arrest them without a warrant.

Regardless of the type of probation, any violation of the terms could result in an arrest and charges. Typical probation violations include:

  • Committing another crime
  • Associating with people the probationer is forbidden to contact
  • Drinking, if avoiding alcohol is a term of the probation
  • Missing appointments with a probation officer
  • Removing or tampering with a monitoring device
  • Failing or missing a drug test
  • Failing to complete community service as agreed
  • Missing therapy appointments
  • Handling a firearm or possessing a weapon

Violating any condition of probation could result in criminal charges. If a probation officer believes someone has violated their probation, they could petition the court to revoke probation. The court usually issues a warrant for the probationer’s arrest, and they will remain in jail until the hearing on the probation violation.

Anyone accused of violating their probation should contact our Chandler attorneys immediately. It is often possible to resolve the matter before the probation officer petitions the court.


A probation violation is a punishable offense and much easier to prove than the crime that resulted in probation. A prosecutor must show that it is more likely than not that the person violated their conditions of probation.

A skilled lawyer at our firm can work to resolve alleged violations proactively without waiting for a court to issue a warrant or a probation officer to request revocation of the probation. Our attorneys could approach the court or a probation officer with an explanation of a violation and a plea for leniency. A court or probation officer will often work with someone on probation who is trying to comply but has experienced a temporary setback.

If the court holds a hearing on a probation violation, our legal team could convince the judge not to send the defendant to prison. Other consequences, such as extending the probationary period or adding additional conditions, are more likely. However, if the person has a prior criminal record, was arrested for a serious crime, or has a history of violations, a court might send them to prison on probation violation charges. In any case, it is best to contact the Chandler lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group as soon as possible after being accused of violating one’s probation.


Probation is not meant to be easy. Probation sentences often extend for several years; unsurprisingly, people on probation sometimes slip up. In other situations, an officer may accuse you of violating your probation due to a misunderstanding.

Reach out to our firm immediately if you cannot meet the terms of your probation, have violated the probation conditions, or a probation officer is seeking to revoke your probation. A Chandler probation violation lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group will work to resolve the matter and preserve your future.

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