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Chandler Drug Paraphernalia Attorney

Sometimes, the police can bring drug charges even if they never found substances in your possession. Paraphernalia like spoons, scales, hypodermic needles, and pipes can justify Class 6 felony drug charges. In these situations, you need relentless legal representation from a skilled attorney to protect your future.

A conviction means you could face jail time, hefty fines, and a criminal record that affects your opportunities for jobs, housing, and student loans. Before you answer any questions in your case, contact a Chandler drug paraphernalia lawyer immediately after your arrest. Grand Canyon Law Group will fight for you and your way of life.


Drug paraphernalia is an assortment of tools and equipment used to produce, grow, manufacture, analyze, package, conceal, or consume illicit drugs. Some examples include scales for weighing drugs, small spoons for snorting coke, isomerization devices to increase potency in plants, diluents such as mannitol and lactose used to cut drugs, sifters to remove twigs and seeds from marijuana, and bongs and roach clips used to smoke it.


Those accused of possessing drug paraphernalia may be able to offer perfectly legal reasons for owning certain tools or equipment. Once in court, other factors may be used to prove a connection to illicit drugs. The court will consider:

  • Whether the paraphernalia was located near drugs or contained any drug residue
  • If the person charged has a drug-related criminal history
  • Whether there is a legitimate use for the item and the defendant is engaged in that use, such as a tobacconist who sells custom-rolled cigarettes or an antique dealer who sells silver baby spoons
  • Eyewitness or expert witness testimony

Having a legitimate use for what can also serve as drug paraphernalia is a defense to the charges. Others include illegal searches and seizures, entrapment by overzealous law enforcement, mistaken identity, and the Good Samaritan defense, in which a person possessing paraphernalia is trying to aid someone who overdosed. A seasoned drug paraphernalia attorney at our Chandler office can explore all credible defenses and determine an effective strategy.


A first-time drug paraphernalia conviction is a Class 6 felony punishable by four months to two years imprisonment. The range of time spent behind bars depends on mitigating and aggravating circumstances, including the defendant’s age, whether they are working or in school, if anyone was injured or threatened at the time of arrest, and if a weapon or accomplice was present.

Probation may be possible for first-time offenders. However, potential penalties increase if there are prior convictions. With one prior conviction, a defendant faces between .75 and 2.75 years of incarceration. With two prior convictions, defendants can spend between 2.25 and 5.75 years in prison, according to Arizona Revised Statute Section 13.703.


Those convicted on first-time drug paraphernalia charges may be eligible for probation instead of jail time. To be eligible, the defendant cannot have been convicted of or arrested for any violent crime, and the drug paraphernalia they were caught with must be for personal use only. They must also participate in a drug education or treatment program. Our local drug paraphernalia lawyers can explore whether probation is an option in a particular case.


Regardless of the circumstances of your drug paraphernalia arrest, you are entitled to legal counsel and the right to present a defense in court. A Chandler drug paraphernalia lawyer at our firm can help you assert these rights and preserve your future.

Our attorneys are here to listen to your side of the story. We study the evidence, police reports, charging documents, and witness testimonies to craft a strong defense. We negotiate with prosecutors for the best outcome and will fight to get you probation if this is your first offense. Contact Grand Canyon Law Group today to get our legal advocates working for you.

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