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Chandler Third Offense DUI Attorney

If you were arrested for DUI in Arizona and have two prior convictions within the past seven years, you will face an aggravated felony charge. A third conviction will come with substantial time in prison and multiple additional penalties. As such, it is crucial to take the charges seriously and seek immediate legal counsel from an experienced attorney.

Convicted felons lose the right to vote, serve on a jury, run for office, and own guns. A felony conviction could impact your immigration status if you are not a citizen and prevent you from traveling to some countries. Being a convicted felon severely limits employment, housing, and social opportunities. When you face charges for a third-time DUI in Chandler, you need a robust defense. Call Grand Canyon Law Group today to discuss your options.


A defendant with two prior convictions for driving under the influence within the past seven years could face an aggravated DUI for a third-time charge under Arizona Statute §28-1383(A)(2).

The convictions need not have occurred in Arizona. A DUI conviction anywhere in the United States counts as a prior conviction for charging purposes if the parameters of the crime are similar: driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of at least .08 or driving while impaired with any amount of alcohol or drugs. In some cases, our Chandler attorneys could challenge whether the law in another jurisdiction is similar enough to Arizona’s that a conviction should count when bringing a felony charge for a third-time DUI.


Felony DUI penalties include mandatory minimum sentences of incarceration. Upon a conviction for felony DUI, an offender must serve time in state prison rather than the county jail. The minimum sentence for felony DUI is four months in prison, up to a maximum of 3.75 years.

A felony DUI conviction also requires a three-year driver’s license suspension. If the offender reinstates their license after three years, they must install an ignition interlock device for at least two years. If the third DUI resulted from driving under the influence of drugs, the driver must install the ignition interlock device for only one year.

Other penalties include:

  • Mandatory drug and alcohol screening
  • Hefty fines and surcharges
  • Traffic survival school
  • Probation

An offender who resumes driving would need an SR-22 insurance certificate requiring the insurance company to notify the state if the driver loses or terminates insurance coverage. To avoid these significant fines and criminal penalties for a third DUI, defendants should work with an experienced lawyer at our Chandler office.


A felony conviction could significantly impact a defendant’s life. Working with the right lawyer could spare an accused person from the consequences of a felony conviction for a third-time DUI.

If one of the convictions occurred in another jurisdiction, the prosecutor must have the conviction records to support a felony DUI charge. If there is a defect in the record, our Chandler attorneys could convince the prosecutor to reduce the felony charge and either prosecute the offense as a misdemeanor or dismiss the charges entirely.

Police procedures often offer grounds for defending a DUI claim. If the police violated the driver’s civil rights in making the traffic stop or administering a sobriety test, our legal team could work to have charges dismissed. Similarly, if the administration of the testing was flawed, a prosecutor might not have the required evidence to proceed with a prosecution.


A third DUI can lead to felony charges that impact every aspect of your life. To preserve your future, your best bet is to work with an attorney skilled at handling third-time DUIs in Chandler.

The former prosecutors at Grand Canyon Law Group know how to secure a positive outcome in your case. Call our dedicated defense team today to get started.

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