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Chandler Vehicular Aggravated Assault Attorney

A car accident that results in the injury or death of another person could lead to serious criminal charges if you were found using drugs or alcohol. If you are accused of knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly causing serious physical harm to another person, you may face charges for vehicular aggravated assault. These are felony-level offenses that could impact every aspect of your life, including your freedom and rights.

If you face criminal charges after a severe automobile accident, it is essential that you get in contact with a Chandler vehicular aggravated assault lawyer. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our seasoned defense attorneys understand how to rigorously prepare these cases and can protect your way of life against these harsh accusations.


Manslaughter involves a person recklessly causing the death of another person. If a person drives under the influence or at high speeds and causes an accident, their conduct may be considered criminally reckless under Arizona law. Manslaughter is a class two felony punishable by up to 21 years in prison.


Arizona Statute 13-1204 states that aggravated assault occurs when a person either intentionally or recklessly causes serious physical harm or injury to another. The injury may also occur through the use of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument. When a car is involved, the prosecution will allege that the car is a dangerous instrument that caused the death or serious physical injury to the alleged victim.

Vehicular aggravated assault is a class three felony, punishable by five to 15 years in prison. There is no option for probation if the charges are for a “dangerous offense,” which they almost always are. These charges are often brought for those accused of driving while drunk and causing an accident that leads to severe injury or disfigurement to another person.


If the victim of the vehicular assault is a police officer or is a person under the age of 15, the defendant will receive an enhanced sentence for a class two felony. This involves a minimum seven-year prison sentence and up to 21 years of incarceration.

If a person with a prior felony conviction is found guilty of vehicular aggravated assault, they may receive a much higher prison sentence. A knowledgeable lawyer at our local firm can further explain the state sentencing laws for vehicular aggravated assault and work to mitigate the penalties or avoid a conviction.


The law considers driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs as the “reckless” element needed to apply assault charges for an accident involving injury. The statute allows for an enhancement if the defendant commits the assault with a vehicle, meaning that a person could face severe criminal charges after being involved in a serious car accident.

To build a solid defense and protect a defendant’s rights, our Chandler DUI attorneys will thoroughly investigate the situation and look for any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. It may be helpful to reconstruct the accident scene to examine the specific details of how the crash occurred. After our legal team investigates the accident, we would use our extensive experience handling vehicular aggravated assault cases to determine an effective defense strategy.


In Arizona, the state aggressively prosecutes drivers in auto accidents that result in severe injury or death. There does not need to be intent to cause harm for the state to bring severe charges against an accused driver. If you are convicted, you could be facing felony-level penalties that will affect your freedom, future, and way of life.

It is critical that you get in touch with a Chandler vehicular aggravated assault lawyer as soon as possible to begin crafting your defense. Let the attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group provide aggressive representation on your behalf and work for the best possible outcome in your case. Call us today to discuss.

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