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If you have been charged with buying or selling sex in Arizona, a conviction could negatively impact your life in many ways. In addition to hurting your reputation, prostitution charges could lead to jail time and loss of freedoms.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, our experienced criminal defense attorneys understand the far-reaching consequences of a conviction and will work hard to prevent them. There are several defenses a Chandler prostitution lawyer can raise to combat these types of sex crime allegations. The sooner you call, the sooner we can begin building a rigorous case on your behalf.


To get a conviction for prostitution in Arizona, the prosecutor must prove that the accused person offered or agreed to engage in a sexual act with another person for a fee. The fee can be money, property, or something else.

Those facing solicitation or prostitution charges should take these allegations seriously and reach out to our skilled prostitution attorneys in the area.


Under Arizona Revised Statutes Sec 13-3214, engaging in the sale of sexual favors is a Class 1 misdemeanor. However, the number of previous offenses and the age of those involved could impact the potential penalties. Sentencing may include:

  • At least fifteen consecutive days in jail for a first violation, with no probation or sentence suspension
  • At least thirty consecutive days in jail for a second violation, with no probation or sentence suspension
  • At least sixty consecutive days in jail for a third violation, with no probation or suspension, and a required treatment program
  • Prostitution becomes a Class 5 felony if a person is convicted three or more times and reoffends; penalty is at least one hundred eighty consecutive days in jail with no probation or suspension

Once a prostitution offense becomes a Class 5 felony, the court can sentence the person to incarceration in state prison instead of county jail. Because these penalties can significantly impact a person’s life, those facing prostitution charges in Chandler should consult a skilled lawyer for their defense.


Prostitution charges become more severe if a minor is involved. In Arizona, the fact that a police officer was posing as a minor or that a prostitute claimed to be 18 are not viable defenses for a person charged with child prostitution.

Arizona Code Sec. 13-3212 divides child prostitution into two sections. One involves a person causing, using, or profiting from a child’s engagement in prostitution. The second section deals with a person who engages in or offers to engage in sex with the minor. Both are Class 2 felonies.

A Chandler resident who is convicted of committing child prostitution faces exceptionally serious penalties, which can include decades of incarceration followed by a lifetime of probation. Sentencing for these types of offenses can be complex and complicated. Fortunately, the attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group have the knowledge, training, and experience to understand how these sentencing laws might apply in your case.


The law says that all people accused of crimes have a right to defense in court. The former prosecutors at Grand Canyon Law Group know how to build a case that exonerates a defendant using several strategies. Some common defenses to prostitution charges include:

  • Defendant was a victim of sex trafficking
  • Mistaken identity—the defendant was not engaging in prostitution or was mistaken for someone who was
  • Entrapment—law enforcement pressured a person to participate who never would have committed prostitution otherwise
  • Lack of evidence—one of the three elements of prostitution cannot be proved
  • Violation of due process—arresting officer fails to read the defendant their Miranda rights or violates their rights in some way


If you were charged as a buyer or seller of sexual services, you need a rigorous legal defense to avoid steep consequences. Those convicted face jail time for first offenses and long prison sentences for subsequent convictions.

Because sexual offenses stay on your record, your future prospects may also be impacted by a conviction for prostitution. Call an aggressive Chandler prostitution lawyer today to defend your rights and fight for your freedom. The lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group are standing by to schedule your initial consultation.

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