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Allegations of sexual harassment or assault are taken seriously on college campuses. In addition to the criminal charges that these allegations can lead to, the school could also take administrative actions as well. In serious cases, these accusations could result in your expulsion from school.

If you face accusations of sexual harassment or abuse, seek guidance from a Chandler Title IX lawyer. Title IX is the federal law that governs a university’s response to these allegations. With a skilled attorney by your side, you could be better prepared to protect your reputation and educational future.


Title IX is an important part of the Education Amendments of 1972. This federal law bars colleges and universities from engaging in or fostering sexual discrimination. The failure of these schools to comply could result in the loss of federal funding.

When it comes to Title IX, the term “sexual discrimination” is a broad term. It includes acts of discrimination by professors and students in positions of power. It also covers acts of harassment or even sexual assault.

Title IX sets out a process that colleges and universities must follow for allegations of sexual discrimination. These guidelines give each school the agency to create its own disciplinary process, so each university may handle these cases differently. However, a Chandler Title IX attorney could provide insight into how federal law might shape these investigations.


A college or university is required to investigate allegations of sexual discrimination immediately. These schools generally take steps to prevent any further discrimination from happening, which can involve rushing to judgement before the investigation is complete. Some interim steps a school could take include issuing no-contact orders, reassigning employees, or even moving students from one living area to another.

Once the investigation is complete, the school will either decide to bring disciplinary action against the accused or close the case. A disciplinary hearing shares some similarities with a criminal trial, but there are also important differences. Importantly, a student will not have all the same rights as in a criminal hearing. A Chandler Title IX attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group could advocate on their behalf and provide crucial assistance throughout the process.


Criminal charges can result from the same incidents that lead to Title IX investigations. In some cases, the investigation itself could be what leads to a criminal arrest. Given the risk of criminal charges, it is important to seek local legal counsel during a Title IX investigation.

The most important thing to consider is that anything a student says during the course of the investigation could later be used against them in a criminal case. Testifying at a disciplinary hearing could give prosecutors evidence to pursue charges in criminal court, so the decision to testify is one that should be made with an experienced Title IX attorney.


If you currently face allegations of sexual discrimination on a college campus, your future and freedom could be in jeopardy. In addition to the impact these accusations could have on your education, you might be at risk of criminal charges as well.

Let a Chandler Title IX lawyer advise you on the best way to defend yourself. Call Grand Canyon Law Group today to get the legal advice you need in your situation.

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