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Being accused of engaging in criminal fraud can harm your professional reputation, even if you are acquitted of all charges. If convicted, you will likely face felony-level consequences that could include years of prison time, steep fines, and the long-term loss of various civil liberties.

As such, it is crucial to be proactive against these charges by contacting a Chandler fraud lawyer right away. From the beginning of a law enforcement investigation to the final verdict, a hardworking attorney at the Grand Canyon Law Group can advocate for your rights and preserve your best interests.


According to Arizona Revised Statutes §13-2310, it is a class 2 felony for anyone to knowingly obtain any financial, material, or other benefit through false statements, representations, or material omissions as part of a “scheme or artifice to defraud.” The second part of this definition is crucial, as it limits the applicability of this statute to situations where someone is engaged in a fraudulent plan of substantial size with multiple participants, fraudulent actions, and/or other targets involved.

In situations where someone has allegedly committed a single fraudulent act or engaged in a fraudulent scheme of smaller size, prosecutors may pursue charges against them under a variety of other statutes based on their specific offenses, including but not limited to:

  • Forgery, under A.R.S. §13-2002
  • Identity theft, under A.R.S. §13-2008
  • Credit theft and/or fraudulent use of a credit card, under A.R.S. §§13-2102 and/or 13-2105 respectively
  • Money laundering, under A.R.S. §13-2317
  • Welfare fraud, under A.R.S. §46-215

A skilled local attorney could provide a tailored defense strategy to address any type of fraud allegation.


There are several key elements to fraud as it is defined under Arizona state law. The prosecution must show that the defendant made a materially false statement or representation that they knew was false, and an intent to defraud.

If both these components of fraud or any element specific to a single fraudulent act cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, the defendant will be acquitted. Guidance from a seasoned Chandler lawyer can be crucial to building an effective defense in response to fraud charges.


Fraud accusations can be difficult to recover from, especially if they end with a conviction in criminal court. Fortunately, assistance is available from capable legal professionals who have helped numerous people in your position.

At the Grand Canyon Law Group, a Chandler fraud lawyer can help you address whatever allegations you are facing. Let our dedicated defense attorneys work to maximize your chances for favorable outcomes. Call today to learn more and discuss your situation with a knowledgeable legal advocate.

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