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Chandler Prescription Drug Attorney

With the increase in fentanyl availability and use, state and federal law enforcement has been cracking down on the distribution and sale of fentanyl and related substances. Arizona courts treat prescription drug cases the same as any other drug case. If you are accused of possessing a controlled substance without a prescription, you may face possession charges, the same as if you were found in possession of heroin or cocaine.

Talk to a Chandler prescription drug lawyer as soon as possible if you are charged with these offenses. The seasoned attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group can work to protect your future and minimize the impact of the charges on your life.


There are various prescription drug offenses, all of which can lead to severe penalties. Common charges include:

  • DUIs related to prescription drug use
  • Unauthorized possession of prescription drugs
  • Unauthorized sale or distribution of prescription drugs

Possessing even a small quantity of medication without a prescription can result in criminal charges. For instance, Oxycodone and Xanax are narcotic drugs; without a prescription, a person faces a Class 4 felony for possessing these substances.

When it comes to sale or distribution, the prosecution will treat these charges almost identically to other types of illegal drug sales or transportation. Each prescription falls into a broader category of drugs, like dangerous drugs or narcotics. The state will prosecute these cases in the same way as cases involving heroin, marijuana, or opiates. Regardless of the specific prescription drug or criminal behavior allegedly involved in the case, defendants should work with a skilled Chandler attorney to prevent harsh consequences.


In prescription drug DUI cases, the police may gather evidence from a traffic stop. This can include their observations of the driver and the results of field sobriety tests. They may also order the driver to undergo blood testing.

For cases involving the illegal possession or sale of prescription drugs, the police may collect evidence by seizing property or executing searches. A suspect’s statements are also often used as evidence against them, making it important to consult a local prescription drug lawyer before speaking with the police.

The skilled attorneys at our firm can protect a defendant’s rights and prevent the police from gathering evidence in the prescription drug case. Our legal team will investigate the police procedures and evidence collection methods. If they obtain evidence through illegal searches and seizures or otherwise violate a defendant’s constitutional rights, we can work to get the evidence thrown out. This may even result in a dismissal of the case.


Prescription drug cases in Chandler are often complex and require savvy legal representation. Our experienced attorneys know what constitutional issues to look for in these cases and can work to protect a suspect’s rights throughout the investigation. Additionally, we can offer explanations and justifications so the prosecution understands the real reasons for the circumstances.

For instance, the police may mistakenly arrest someone, thinking they do not have a prescription for a drug. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we can work to clear up misunderstandings and produce evidence defending the suspect against the prescription drug charges. Our Chandler lawyers can also work to reduce the charges and minimize the potential consequences by providing mitigating factors.


Prescription drug charges are common but often make for complex cases. You need a seasoned attorney who can evaluate every potential avenue of defense and protect your way of life. Being convicted of a drug offense can impact your future employment, housing, and licensing opportunities, so it is crucial to defend against a conviction.

A Chandler prescription drug lawyer will navigate your case with the necessary care and dedication. Contact Grand Canyon Law Group today to discuss your situation and learn how we can help.

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