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Being found guilty of assault can have live-altering consequences for you and your loved ones. In some situations, a conviction could cause you to spend years of your life behind bars. Thankfully, you have the right to fight back with the help of a seasoned criminal defense attorney from Grand Canyon Law Group.

Our team of former prosecutors has handled many of these cases over the years. We know how the state will build their case against you, giving us useful insight into drafting the strongest defense strategy available. Do not delay! Let an El Mirage assault lawyer fight for your constitutional rights.


There are different options available to the state when it comes to prosecuting an assault case. In general, this offense involves causing bodily injury to another person, but it is also possible for prosecutors to bring charges following threats of violence. You could even be charged with assault if you intentionally made physical contact with someone else while only intending to provoke, insult, or injure them.

Prosecutors must also demonstrate that the defendant had a specific type of criminal intent. The statute says the act must be knowing, intentional, or reckless, which means it is possible to claim it was an accident or done unknowingly – an assault lawyer in El Mirage can further investigate to see if this defense is viable, but you must schedule a consultation.


Every assault offense is serious, but some carry steeper penalties than others. Aggravated assault occurs when a person not only commits the underlying offense, but they are also found to have certain aggravating factors present.

In total, there are 11 unique factors that could upgrade a person’s charges beyond simple assault. Lined out at Arizona Revised Statutes §13-1204, some examples include the following:

  • Causing serious physical injury
  • Using a deadly weapon
  • Committing the crime in a defendant’s home
  • Assaulting a peace officer
  • The alleged victim is younger than 15
  • Using a simulation of a deadly weapon

It is possible to reduce the impact of a conviction by challenging the evidence that aggravating factors are present. While simple assault carries real consequences on its own, taking these additional penalties off the table can have a major impact.


A person accused of assault has the chance to fight back with the help of an El Mirage attorney if they schedule a consult quickly. This starts with a thorough investigation and should lead to implementing the strongest possible defense strategy. The following are some examples of an assault defense.


A common defense strategy is to argue self-defense. Everyone has the right to use reasonable force in situations where they are at risk of harm from another person. This defense can apply even when all the technical elements of assault are present.


One of the central tenants of criminal defense law is that the state must prove a person’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a high burden that prosecutors are not always able to meet. Our attorneys could focus on attacking the state’s evidence to make it clear they have not conclusively proven anything.


Just like a person has the right to defend themselves from the imminent threat of serious harm, they also are allowed to use force to defend others facing the same risks. There is nothing in the law that requires a person to have a specific relationship with the individual that has been threatened. It is possible to raise this defense after coming to the aid of a total stranger.


If you are dealing with the fallout of an arrest, you need to seek legal support right away. The best legal counsel could help you build a viable strategy and manage the stress of this situation. Contact an El Mirage assault lawyer today and discover why Grand Canyon Law Group is so respected in the legal field.

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