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El Mirage Drug Crime Attorney

When you have been arrested on drug-related charges, it is understandable for you to be distressed about the consequences you may face. A conviction could upend your life and lead to incarceration, among other penalties. Thankfully, a trustworthy criminal defense attorney could help you obtain a favorable outcome to your case – but you need to act soon!

You have the right to defend yourself against these charges, and you are entitled to the support of legal counsel. The Grand Canyon Law Group team of former prosecutors understands how to face down the state and win in these cases. Call an El Mirage drug lawyer and learn how we can help.


You could face a wide range of criminal charges that are related to controlled substances. The most commonly-charged offense involves illegally possessing drugs. While typically treated as a felony, small amounts of marijuana could result in just a misdemeanor arrest. First-time offenders are often given some leeway with these charges, although mercy is never guaranteed.

Being arrested for the manufacturing, distribution, or trafficking of controlled substances is a much more serious offense. Instead of holding drugs for personal use, these cases involve some aspect of the narcotics trade. The penalties that come with a conviction are much steeper, as these cases are always considered felonies.

It might not be immediately obvious how serious a drug arrest can be. An El Mirage drug attorney from Grand Canyon Law Group can develop a strategy for fighting back, and paint a clear picture of how serious your legal jeopardy might be.


An attorney in El Mirage has numerous ways to approach developing a drug crime defense strategy. Ultimately, it will come down to the specific facts of the case. No two sets of allegations are exactly alike, making it crucial to attack the weakest parts of the state’s case.


The unlawful search of a person’s home or property can be an important factor in a drug case. If a judge determines the defendant’s rights were violated, they could exclude any evidence found from the trial.


An affirmative defense or alternate suspect is not always necessary when it comes to winning drug cases. Often, the state will simply lack evidence that is strong enough to secure a conviction at trial. Our experienced team can focus on the weakness of the state’s case instead of attempting to develop some kind of alternate theory. Ultimately, it is up to the prosecutor to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. That is a high burden they will not always meet.


Drug crimes must be intentional. From possessing marijuana to manufacturing LSD, none of these acts occur accidentally. In order to be convicted, the state has to prove the accused knowingly committed a drug-related act. That means a person who unknowingly possesses a controlled substance has a valid defense. The reality is that prosecutors could still push for a conviction in these situations, as jurors can only guess at what a person knew at the time they were arrested. Our attorneys are former prosecutors and can anticipate what the other side will attempt, and counter it.


Facing drug charges can be overwhelming for anyone. From minor possession cases to large-scale trafficking allegations, it is vital to seek out legal counsel from the Grand Canyon Law Group as soon as possible. Call an El Mirage drug lawyer at your earliest convenience for a free, private consultation. You deserve a full and robust defense.

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