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Goodyear Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

A domestic violence conviction can impact every aspect of your life. In the immediate aftermath, you might be prevented from returning home or seeing your partner or children.

Get help from the skilled criminal defense attorneys at the Grand Canyon Law Group right away. One of our Goodyear domestic violence lawyers can help you resolve the charge in the way that has the least impact on your life going forward.


Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3601 describes the circumstances that must exist for a crime to be considered domestic violence. The law lists multiple crimes that could come under this category, including assault, sexual assault, criminal trespass, reckless endangerment, unlawful imprisonment, and unauthorized sharing of intimate images. The definitions of these crimes are the same as they would be in any other case; what makes them domestic violence is the identity of the alleged victim.

The relationship between the alleged offender and the alleged victim is highly relevant. Law enforcement treats a crime as domestic violence if the defendant and the alleged victim:

  • Are married or were once married
  • Share a child
  • Share a home
  • Are parents of a currently-unborn child
  • Are parent/child, grandparent/grandchild, siblings, in-laws, or have a familial relationship through their spouses or the spouse of another relative

In addition, domestic violence laws could apply if the accused and alleged victim currently have or previously had a romantic or sexual relationship.

Anyone arrested on a domestic violence charge in Goodyear should contact a local defense attorney immediately. The domestic violence element triggers some additional legal issues and potentially harsher penalties. Working with Grand Canyon Law Group can make a big difference in the outcome.


The law allows the police to arrest someone for domestic violence without a warrant, even if the officers did not witness the alleged crime. All the officer needs is probable cause to believe the person arrested committed domestic violence.

When an incident involves a significant injury or the display or use of a weapon, the police must make an arrest if there is probable cause to believe the person committed the crime. If the alleged victim recants a domestic violence report or asks the prosecutor to drop the matter, the prosecutor can still go forward without the alleged victim’s cooperation.

Grand Canyon Law Group attorneys are former prosecutors who understand how the police and prosecutors respond to household violence allegations. They can use their wealth of experience to provide you with the most effective defense possible.


An order of protection is a type of restraining order that judges often issue in domestic violence cases. The order bars the accused from doing specific acts—it could prevent an accused from contacting the alleged victim, returning to a home they share with the alleged victim, or even having contact with their children.

Orders of protection issued after a domestic violence arrest usually last for ten days. If the alleged victim wants to continue the order, they must request a full hearing to prove why they need it. The defendant and their attorney have an opportunity to present evidence showing there is no threat to the alleged victim and the order should not be extended.

Violating a protective order is a Class 1 misdemeanor and it is crucial to obey the order to the letter until it is lifted. A legal professional could ask a court to modify an order if its terms are overly burdensome on the accused.


Skilled and knowledgeable defense counsel is essential when you face domestic violence charges. Although it may seem as if the deck is stacked against you, the former prosecutors at the Grand Canyon Law Group know how to achieve excellent results for people accused of domestic abuse.

Prosecutors can pursue a charge even when the alleged victim objects, so do not assume you can handle the charge without legal help. Reach out to a Goodyear domestic violence lawyer on the Grand Canyon team today – your livelihood is at stake!

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