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Goodyear Drug Crime Attorney

Stopping the possession and sale of illegal drugs has been a top priority in Arizona. Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors devote substantial resources and attention to drug crimes. The criminal sentencing scheme in the state punishes drug offenses harshly.

Our criminal defense attorneys at the Grand Canyon Law Group spent years prosecuting drug crimes. This experience gives us a unique perspective and ability to pinpoint the weaknesses of a prosecutor’s case.

When you face substance charges, contact a Goodyear drug lawyer immediately. We will explore every opportunity to get you the best possible result.


The state’s scheme for classifying and punishing drug crimes is complex. The charge and its potential punishment depend on the type and amount of drugs, the circumstances surrounding the arrest, and the accused’s criminal history. A Goodyear drug defense attorney can explain the severity of charges and the potential sentence in a case.


Drug possession is the least serious drug-related charge. A person could face this charge if they possess no more than the threshold amount of a substance. This is a quantity that is appropriate for personal use and varies depending on the type of drug. Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-3401(36) describes the threshold quantities for illegal drugs.

Most drug possession crimes are misdemeanors, although possessing any quantity of methamphetamine is a felony. When a first offender is convicted of a substance possession charge, they will be sentenced to probation. Individuals with one prior conviction can also be eligible for probation rather than incarceration.


When police find more than the threshold quantity of a drug, prosecutors can assume the accused intended to sell it, even if there is no other evidence. On the other hand, prosecutors could charge someone with intent to distribute if they possessed only the threshold amount, along with other evidence, such as cash, scales, or baggies.

If the person possessing the substances has the materials to create them, they could be charged with manufacturing. Similarly, having a relationship with a drug distribution network or traveling with any quantity of dangerous drugs or narcotics could lead to a trafficking charge.

Many of these are Class 2 felonies. For first offenders, the sentence ranges from three years when a Goodyear defense attorney proves mitigating circumstances to 12 years and six months if a prosecutor shows aggravating circumstances. When the offender has one prior conviction, the sentencing ranges from four years to 23 years and three months. With two or more prior convictions, the sentence with mitigating circumstances is ten years and six months, or up to 25 years with aggravating circumstances.


The savvy defense lawyers at the Grand Canyon Law Group always investigate police conduct when representing someone facing drug charges. Irregularities in a search warrant, an unwarranted traffic stop, an illegal search, or other violations of an accused’s rights could lead to specific evidence becoming unusable or dismissal of a charge.

The severity also depends on the drug and its quantity. Challenging the police procedures used to store, test, and measure the substance could lead to reduced charges or dismissal. Depending on the circumstances, a Goodyear attorney could help a person resolve the charge through the Maricopa County drug court.


Do not face the legal system without the assistance of a seasoned criminal defense attorney. The former prosecutors at the Grand Canyon Law Group are prepared to help you overcome substance charges.

Reach out to a Goodyear drug lawyer at our firm when you are arrested. We will help you to achieve the best result, so CALL NOW.

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