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Arizona Burglary Attorney

While Arizona law does define the act of burglary, the charges include complicated language. Should you or a loved one face allegations of burglary, it is essential to understand the nature of your charges. An Arizona burglary lawyer can help with explaining your charges and building a defense that accounts for the unique facts of your case.

Do not attempt to handle accusations of burglary alone. The former prosecutors turned dedicated criminal defense attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group have extensive experience handling cases of this nature and are ready to assist you. Call our office to get started.


State law describes burglary as behaviors involving a person’s persistent presence on another party’s property so long as that person has visible intent to commit theft or a related felony.

Note that this definition does not require the accused to have removed anything of value from the property in question. Rather, the accused’s entry and intention to commit a theft or felony is enough to bring a burglary case to court. A knowledgeable burglary attorney can challenge this in court, asserting the defendant did not have the intention to commit a crime.


Burglary charges often fall into one of four categories, with each varying based on the conditions surrounding the alleged incident. These categories include:

  • R.S. § 13-1505, in which the accused allegedly used burglary tools to trespass onto another person’s property
  • R.S. § 13-1506, involving first-time offenders or unknowing involvement in criminal activities (third degree)
  • R.S. § 13-1507, involving a residence or home (second degree)
  • R.S. § 13-1508, involving the alleged use of a deadly weapon in tandem with alleged burglary on either commercial or residential property (first degree)

A skilled Arizona attorney can help defend against all degrees of burglary charges.


Those accused of burglary will always face felony charges. However, criminal history and alleged behavior during the incident can impact the severity of the sanctions.

Parties accused of burglary on residential property can face more severe consequences than those accused on commercial property. While residential burglary charges are usually a Class 2 Felony, commercial property burglary charges are generally only a Class 3 Felony. The alleged use of a deadly weapon can also result in elevated charges. A conviction on felony charges can result in multiple years in prison, so it is crucial to work with an Arizona attorney who knows how to mount a strong defense against burglary charges.


Burglary charges are not to be taken lightly. You could be facing years of incarceration, damage to your reputation, and even difficulty finding employment. Fortunately, you do not have to take on these charges alone.

As soon as you are notified of the charges leveled against you, it is crucial to get in touch with an Arizona burglary lawyer. The dedicated team at Grand Canyon Law Group can get to work right away, evaluating your case and building a defense. Should your case move to court, our attorneys know how to handle tough prosecutors and are not afraid to fight on your behalf. Schedule a free consultation today.

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