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Among the most severe charges in the Arizona criminal justice system are those that allege harm to children. These can apply to situations where prosecutors believe a person has intentionally hurt a child or recklessly put a child in danger. Regardless of the specific allegations, these cases are serious matters where a mere arrest can have devastating consequences.

A Citrus Park child abuse lawyer is here to help you fight back and protect your freedom and reputation. From day one, the dedicated attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group are ready to argue for fair bail terms, dispute the need for protective orders, and present a powerful defense in court.


The criminal code in Arizona aims to protect vulnerable people in our society, including children. Prosecutors pursue child abuse cases vigorously, even in situations involving unintentional harm. If a prosecutor believes someone allowed a child to be in a dangerous situation, they can bring endangerment charges.

While these cases may not allege direct abuse, they still come with heavy consequences. For example, a person who faces an arrest for DUI with a child in the car may face enhanced DUI charges and allegations of child endangerment. Similar rules apply to situations that allow a child to face danger due to reckless or extreme behavior. A child does not need to suffer injuries for police officers to make an arrest. Those facing these allegations should immediately call a Citrus Park child abuse attorney to help resolve the situation.


All accusations that a person has placed a child in danger are serious matters. However, the most concerning are those that fall under the state’s child abuse statute. Under Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3623, intentionally inflicting physical or mental harm to a child under the age of 15 can lead to child abuse charges. Similarly, a person may face these charges if they encourage another to inflict harm.


State law classifies these offenses as class 2 felonies. If this is a person’s first felony conviction and mitigating factors are present, the court must still sentence a person to a three-year minimum prison sentence. Aggravating factors may extend the sentence to a maximum of 12.5 years.


Clearly, it is essential to fight back against these accusations at every opportunity. However, even a mere arrest for suspected abuse can bring harsh penalties. An alleged victim or their parents can petition a court to impose a protective order immediately after an arrest. These orders prohibit all contact between a defendant and the target of the alleged abuse. The skilled lawyers at our firm can help contest these orders and help a defendant mitigate the potential penalties of a child abuse charge.


Child abuse accusations must be taken seriously. Whether you are accused of intentional harm or allowing a child to be in a dangerous situation, you face felony charges with mandatory jail time upon conviction. Even a simple arrest can convince a court to impose restrictive protective orders.

A Citrus Park child abuse lawyer is ready to fight for you. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we can explain the state’s child abuse laws and determine which statutes fit your situation. We are also ready to obtain the evidence needed to contest the prosecutor’s allegations at every opportunity. Reach out to us now to get started building your defense.

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