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Citrus Park Failure To Appear Attorney

The criminal courts in Citrus Park have broad powers to compel people to appear for their scheduled court dates. This applies to people facing criminal charges, witnesses to an alleged crime, or even individuals seeking to create or dispute a protective order.

The law allows the courts to charge people for failing to appear as ordered. This is a separate criminal offense that can result in significant jail time in addition to the charges you already face. If you missed a court appearance for any reason, reach out to a Citrus Park failure to appear lawyer now to discuss your situation. The seasoned attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group can protect your rights, discuss possible defenses, and represent your interests before the court.


Criminal courts have the power to require people to appear on a specific date and time. A willful failure to do so could come with harsh consequences. If the person who allegedly failed to appear is a defendant in a misdemeanor criminal case, Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-2506 says that failing to appear is a new criminal offense classified as a Class 1 misdemeanor. Failing to appear can also affect people not currently facing other criminal charges, such as those who receive subpoenas to appear as witnesses.

Not appearing as required for one’s felony case comes with even harsher consequences. Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-2507 says that these incidents are Class 5 felonies, where a first felony conviction with mitigating circumstances comes with a mandatory minimum prison sentence of six months. Aggravating factors in these cases could lengthen a sentence to 2.5 years. Our experienced local attorneys could help those facing allegations related to missing a criminal court session.


There are many consequences of a failure to appear charge. For one, a conviction will appear on a criminal record and can require a person to pay a stiff fine or spend time in jail. However, the penalties can have a more immediate impact on people already facing criminal accusations and awaiting trial.

A person who fails to appear in court while awaiting trial may forfeit their bail. A new criminal charge can also be a reason for a judge to revoke bail while awaiting the end of a current criminal case.

As such, it is vital to work with a dedicated Citrus Park attorney on a strong defense against failure to appear allegations. A failure to appear must be “knowing” to count as criminal conduct. Evidence of a medical emergency or even something as trivial as having car trouble when attempting to come to court could help convince a judge against imposing a penalty. The failure to appear lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group could help gather and present evidence on behalf of defendants.


Every person who receives an order to appear before a criminal court must be sure to do so. This applies to defendants facing charges as well as witnesses in criminal cases. Failing to appear can result in new criminal charges, a withdrawal of bail, and the issuance of a bench warrant for immediate arrest.

Reach out to a Citrus Park failure to appear lawyer today to defend your case. The team at Grand Canyon Law Group could work to explain your absence, fight against an arrest warrant, and help to protect your rights moving forward.

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