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An arrest for theft may seem like a minor offense. However, an arrest will remain on their criminal record for the foreseeable future. In addition, a conviction for even a misdemeanor-level theft case could result in jail time.

Give yourself the best chances of success by hiring a Citrus Park theft lawyer. The seasoned attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group are former prosecutors that know how to effectively represent you in these cases. We can explain the state’s theft law, evaluate the prosecutor’s evidence, and work to protect your present and future.


State law contains a single statute that defines theft offenses. This includes the illegal taking of property, embezzlement, shoplifting, and theft through deception. According to Arizona Revised Statute § 13-1802, any theft charge involves taking the property of another without their permission with the intent of depriving the owner of the use of that property.

In most examples, theft is a misdemeanor offense. This applies when the value of allegedly stolen items amounts to $1,000 or less. Here, convictions can bring a maximum jail term of six months, the payment of a $2,500 fine, or both. However, if the value rises above the $1,000 threshold, the case becomes a felony. Here, a first conviction with mitigating factors could result in a jail sentence of four months. Aggravating factors will increase this penalty, as our local theft attorneys can explain.


All theft allegations are serious matters that require legal representation, and it is essential to build a powerful defense as soon as possible. The most direct way to refute theft charges is to argue that the alleged incident never occurred. For instance, an experienced attorney in Citrus Park could demonstrate that a defendant was in a different location at the time of the supposed theft.

It may also be possible to show that a person’s possession of an item was legal. For example, there could be a dispute as to whether a person loaned an item to a defendant or if a sale was final. The Citrus Park lawyers at our firm work to evaluate the facts of each theft case and determine which defense tactic may bring the best chance of success. Whether a person is looking to fight the charges at trial or come to a fair plea deal, our legal team can help.


Accusations that you have stolen something can severely impact your future. Even if the allegedly stolen item has minimal value, a conviction will create a criminal record and could force you to spend time in jail. Some alleged theft offenses are felonies that will follow you for the rest of your life.

A Citrus Park theft lawyer is dedicated to helping you avoid this outcome. The skilled attorneys at our firm can explain the state’s theft laws and how they apply to your case. We are prepared to evaluate the evidence against you and present arguments in court that help to defend your rights and freedom. Reach out to Grand Canyon Law Group today to schedule your consultation.

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