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Citrus Park Drug Manufacturing Attorney

Drug manufacturing is the production of any illicit substance prohibited by law, such as narcotics. These charges can also involve the transportation or creation of any precursor chemical used to create these substances. Anyone accused of producing, transporting, or developing illegal drugs can face criminal consequences for drug manufacture.

These are severe allegations with harsh repercussions upon conviction. When you are accused of manufacturing or transporting illegal substances, your top priority should be contacting an experienced attorney. A Citrus Park drug manufacturing lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group knows how to handle your case the right way and fight tirelessly for your best interests.


Whether a drug crime is classified as a manufacturing offense will depend on the jurisdiction. In Arizona, multiple types of criminal behavior involving drugs fall under the same statutory scheme, including:

The federal system may classify these actions differently depending on the circumstances of the alleged offense. However, in the Arizona state system, these allegations all fall under the same umbrella.


Law enforcement handles drug manufacturing charges like cases involving transportation and sales. They may conduct large-scale investigations to identify where the drugs are coming from and where they are being manufactured or delivered. Police may use undercover agents, wiretaps, or other surveillance techniques to gather intel about a specific drug trafficking organization.

Once enough information is gathered, they execute warrants to search and seize places. The police will arrest anyone they believe is culpable of participating with that organization, whether on the manufacturing, sales, or distribution side. Local law enforcement usually works with the FBI, DEA, or other federal agencies in arresting and indicting multiple individuals. These drug manufacturing cases can be incredibly complex, making it important to seek counsel from a skilled local attorney.


In some cases, a defendant may be accused of being involved in part of the drug manufacturing process. For example, they may have only supplied materials rather than running the entire operation. Under the theory of accomplice liability, this person can still be as guilty as anyone else involved in the conspiracy to manufacture. Anyone who contributes to the larger crime can potentially be charged with the same offense, regardless of the size of their role. Those caught up in drug trafficking cases should contact a Citrus Park lawyer right away to protect their rights and freedom.


At Grand Canyon Law Group, we can assess the circumstances of a drug manufacturing arrest to determine potential defense strategies. If the police used improper search procedures or violated your rights during the investigation, we can work to get the evidence thrown out. This could potentially lead to a case dismissal.

In other situations, we may be able to mitigate the charges or work toward a favorable plea deal that protects your best interests. Our Citrus Park drug manufacturing lawyers are also prepared to take your case to trial and present an aggressive defense on your behalf. Contact our firm today to discuss your options and get the legal representation you need.

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