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The most severe criminal allegations are those that involve another person’s death. The severity of homicide charges depends on numerous factors, but these are always severe accusations with life-changing consequences upon conviction.

If you face charges related to someone’s death, contact a Citrus Park homicide lawyer immediately. The skilled attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group will fight tirelessly to protect you and your future.


Someone’s actions could cause another person’s death in various ways. Sometimes, recklessness leads to a fatal accident. In other cases, someone might intentionally seek to kill another person. The circumstances surrounding the death determine the charges and potential penalties.

Prosecutors often “overcharge” homicides, bringing more severe charges than the evidence merits. A Citrus Park attorney can challenge the prosecutor’s evidence for every element of the homicide charge, possibly leading to a reduced sentence or even dismissal of charges.


Arizona Revised Statute §13-1102 describes negligent homicide, a Class 4 felony. This charge alleges that the defendant had no intent to kill anyone but accidentally caused a death—they were unaware of the risks their conduct posed.


Manslaughter, defined in Arizona Statute §13-1103, involves allegations that the defendant did not intend to kill anyone but took a known risk that resulted in another party’s death. Fatal DUI car accidents, accidental shootings, and physical beatings that cause death are common incidents that could lead to manslaughter charges. This is a Class 2 felony.


When someone intentionally commits a homicide without premeditation, the charge is second-degree murder. A prosecutor also might charge second-degree murder if they believe the defendant behaved recklessly and with extreme indifference to human life. Arizona Revised Statute §13-1104 defines this crime as a Class 1 felony.


A prosecutor could bring first-degree murder charges if someone allegedly committed a premeditated killing, killed someone while committing another felony, or killed a law enforcement officer. First-degree murder is the most serious charge someone could face and requires skilled legal representation to prevent life-changing penalties.


Arizona follows a complicated sentencing scheme that imposes a range of sentences for each felony category. The sentences for first offenders are substantially more lenient than for repeat offenders.

Under the state’s sentencing guidelines, a first offender convicted of negligent homicide could face a minimum of one year in prison with mitigating circumstances and up to three years and nine months with aggravating circumstances. If the offender has no prior record, they could receive a suspended prison sentence and probation. However, if a dangerous instrument like a gun or car was involved in the accident, an offender might face sentencing for a dangerous felony, which requires mandatory jail time.

Arizona has the death penalty, and prosecutors often seek it when pursuing first-degree murder charges. In any homicide case, the defendant needs representation from a skilled Citrus Park lawyer—the stakes could not be higher.


If you face homicide charges, your freedom and life are on the line. Your best shot at protecting your rights is to work with a Citrus Park homicide lawyer on an airtight defense.

Do not trust your case to an inexperienced attorney. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our former prosecutors are now dedicated defense lawyers who know how to handle your case the right way. Contact us immediately to discuss your situation.

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