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Citrus Park Drug Distribution Attorney

Any allegation involving illegal drug possession, sale, or manufacture in Arizona is a serious offense. However, some of the most severe drug-related charges you can face are allegations that you distributed illegal substances in the community. Prosecutors and police can arrest you even if they do not actively witness a sale. According to the state’s drug distribution laws, merely possessing a certain amount of drugs is sufficient for a criminal charge.

In these situations, you need representation from a dedicated attorney who understands the law and can help craft an airtight defense. A Citrus Park drug distribution lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group is ready to defend you tirelessly and fight to protect your freedom. Our former prosecutors can investigate the incident, evaluate the legality of any police work leading up to your arrest, and work to achieve your goals for the case.


The common definition of drug distribution is any activity involving a person transferring drugs to another. The state’s law concerning drug distribution includes this definition, as well as various other actions that may lead to an arrest and prosecution.

According to Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3407, distributing drugs to others is a class 2 felony. However, possessing drugs with the intent to distribute them to others is also in violation of the law. Merely having a large amount of a substance in one’s possession may lead to an arrest under the state’s drug distribution laws.

Prosecutors may charge a defendant with drug distribution for selling drugs, directing the sale of drugs, or having a large quantity of drugs in their possession. Our knowledgeable Citrus Park attorney can further explain the state’s drug distribution laws and how they apply to a specific case.


The police and prosecutors may use various tactics to investigate and arrest someone for allegedly distributing drugs. If a person is accused of being the head of a drug enterprise, police may arrest subordinates in that organization to testify against the defendants. These witnesses are notoriously unreliable and may only talk to police in exchange for a reduced charge in their own cases.

Allegations that a person directly sold drugs can be similarly complex for prosecutors to prove. Police officers rarely witness a sale in person. Instead, they may rely on controlled buys, third-party witness statements, and other unreliable means of gathering evidence to justify an arrest.


Proving a defendant’s intent is always difficult, and prosecution based on an intent to sell drugs is no different. Police may attempt to seize computer records, phone records, and even notebooks after obtaining search warrants to prove the defendant’s intent. Our experienced drug distribution lawyers in Citrus Park can protect defendants’ rights throughout the investigation and pre-trial process. We know how the prosecution operates and will work to find weaknesses in their case.


If you face allegations of selling illegal substances, you must take immediate steps to protect yourself. A conviction under these charges is always a felony with a required prison term. Police and prosecutors can justify a distribution charge based on no more than the quantity of drugs allegedly in your possession.

A Citrus Park drug distribution lawyer will fight tirelessly to protect your future and way of life. After examining the justifications used by police to make an arrest, the legal team at Grand Canyon Law Group can work to discredit the statements of witnesses, challenge the legality of search warrants, and build a strong defense on your behalf. Contact our firm today to get started.

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