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Citrus Park Spousal Abuse Attorney

Arizona law outlines special protections against spousal violence and threats. Accusations of criminal activity targeting these people will trigger special protections and could result in enhanced penalties after a conviction.

When you face accusations of intimate partner violence, you need legal representation from a Citrus Park spousal abuse lawyer. The knowledgeable attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group are prepared to explain how the law treats accusations of violence against spouses. We can contest the need for protective orders and develop defenses against the core criminal charges to protect your rights and freedoms.


Spouses fit into the category of “household members” and therefore receive special protection under the state’s domestic violence law. Alleged victims of domestic violence can seek a protective order if they can convince a court that they have been the target of abuse or threats of harm.

Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3601 defines a household member as a blood relation to a defendant, their spouse or former spouse, or any person with whom they have a child in common. Both current spouses and former spouses fall under this category.

Classifying an event as spousal abuse will have short and long-term consequences for the case. In the short term, the alleged victim can petition the court to create a protective order requiring a defendant to cease all contact. A Citrus Park spousal abuse attorney could help fight against the creation of these orders. In the long term, a spousal violence conviction could make an order permanent and require a person to pay additional fines in addition to any criminal penalties.


No specific criminal charge under Arizona law carries the label of spousal abuse. The fact that the alleged victim is the defendant’s current or former spouse is what classifies a case as domestic violence. Police officers making an arrest and prosecutors pursuing charges in court must bring charges under an established criminal statute. Common examples of statutes that may lead to spousal abuse accusations include:

  • Assaults
  • Stalking or harassment
  • False imprisonment
  • Kidnapping
  • Sexual abuse
  • Destruction of property

Our local spousal abuse lawyers are ready to promote a robust defense against the criminal charges at the core of the case. This can include questioning the police tactics used to gain evidence, arguing that any violent incident resulted from self-defense, or showing that any sexual contact was consensual.


Every criminal allegation can lead to serious consequences. However, the case becomes even more severe when the alleged victim is your spouse or former spouse. A simple accusation can lead to the creation of a protective order that disrupts every part of your life. In addition, many of the core accusations in these cases are felonies that come with required jail time upon conviction.

Reach out to a Citrus Park spousal abuse lawyer now to discuss your rights. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we are ready to build a strong defense strategy that mitigates the potential penalties and protects your way of life. Call us today to get started on your case.

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