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Citrus Park Diversion Programs / Alternative Sentencing

Being convicted of a criminal offense can be a life-altering experience, especially if you have never been convicted of a crime or even arrested on suspicion of one. Fortunately, if you meet certain conditions and are willing to participate in good faith, Maricopa County has numerous diversion programs as rehabilitative alternatives to criminal prosecution.

Each diversion program in Citrus Park targets a different type of criminal offense or offender. The state Attorney’s Office oversees most of the programs and is strict about who is allowed to participate and what criteria they must meet to become and remain eligible. A seasoned lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group can provide more information about which program might suit your needs and guide you through the application process.


With relatively few exceptions, the Diversion Programs available to people living in Citrus Park and throughout Maricopa County are meant for first-time non-violent offenders. One notable exception to this rule is the Juvenile Diversion program, which allows first- and second-time misdemeanor offenders to apply for diversion before their charges are filed in court.

Additionally, several diversion programs are meant for people dealing with challenges that make them more likely to engage in certain criminal behaviors. These programs help people who have trouble regulating their emotions. For example, the Veterans’ Diversion Program works with honorably discharged service members struggling with PTSD and other mental health disorders related to their service. There are also Felony Diversion Programs specifically for people with developmental disabilities and serious mental illnesses.

Other diversion programs are designed to help:

  • Parents struggling with emotion regulation and parenting skills
  • Individuals convicted of misdemeanor or felony domestic violence charges
  • People facing felony drug possession charges who are also dealing with serious drug abuse or addiction

In an initial consultation, our experienced Citrus Park attorneys can discuss which diversion program might best fit a particular defendant.


Successful completion of a diversion program will result in the participant’s criminal charge being dismissed. This means they will not have that conviction on their record and can move on with their life as if the offense never occurred. This can be especially beneficial for people accused of felony offenses, as it means they will not be subject to the loss of civil rights or any of the other long-term repercussions that automatically come with this sort of conviction.

However, failing to comply with all the requirements for a particular program will not only result in the participant being removed from that program but will also typically result in them being prosecuted and likely convicted on their original charges. Maricopa County residents are also typically prohibited from participating in or applying for participation in a diversion program more than once. Those seeking a clean start after a criminal charge should discuss their diversion program eligibility with our local attorneys.


Diversion programs provide a crucial second chance to people across Maricopa County who need rehabilitation or other assistance to be productive members of society. That said, they are also exclusive opportunities with many conditions attached. Deciding to even apply for one—let alone participate—is not something to be taken lightly.

Guidance from experienced legal counsel can make a huge difference in your ability to make the most of diversion programs in Citrus Park. Call Grand Canyon Law Group today to schedule a meeting and discuss your situation.

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