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Citrus Park Drug Trafficking Attorney

Arizona state law does not explicitly list “drug trafficking” as a distinct criminal offense. However, the state harshly prosecutes anyone who possesses or transports controlled substances to sell or otherwise financially benefit from them. Even first-time offenders can face long prison terms upon conviction; repeat offenders face decades behind bars.

When dealing with allegations of this nature, retaining the right attorney can have a huge impact on the outcome of your case and how it affects your life. Regardless of your criminal history, you should speak with a Citrus Park drug trafficking lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group to protect your future.


Typically, prosecutors must establish two things to criminally convict someone in Arizona of selling, transporting, or importing dangerous drugs. First, the prosecution must establish that the substance(s) they found in the defendant’s possession was a dangerous drug restricted by state or federal law. This can require substantial forensic testing and analysis. Second, the prosecution must prove that the defendant knew the drug was in their possession and intended to sell it or knowingly transported or distributed it.

State law also specifies “threshold amounts” of certain controlled substances. In many situations, proving that someone had these threshold amounts in their possession may be sufficient to convict them of drug trafficking, even if they intended to use the substance for personal use. If these amounts are found in a person’s possession, law enforcement and the court can presume intent to distribute:

  • Nine grams or more of amphetamine or methamphetamine, including either substance contained in a liquid suspension
  • Nine grams or more of cocaine
  • 750 milligrams or more of cocaine base or hydrolyzed cocaine
  • Nine grams or more of fentanyl
  • One gram or more of heroin
  • One-half milliliter or fifty “blotter” dosage units of LSD
  • Two pounds or more of marijuana
  • 50 milliliters or four grams of PCP
  • Any individual substance or combination of other substances valued at $1,000 or more

Support from our skilled Citrus Park attorneys can be critical to effectively fight drug trafficking charges based on this presumption.


Depending on the specific types and amounts of substances involved, drug trafficking charges can be prosecuted as Class 6 to Class 2 felonies, meaning that sentencing ranges upon conviction can vary significantly. Likewise, the best approach for contesting charges of this nature will depend on the circumstances.

Many successful defenses against drug trafficking charges show that law enforcement did not have probable cause to presume that someone was trafficking or intended to distribute the drugs. Alternatively, a drug trafficking lawyer at our firm could argue that law enforcement lacked probable cause to search the defendant’s personal property in the first place. We could question the reliability of key evidence from witness testimony or even lab test results.


Drug trafficking charges can be tricky to defend under even the most favorable circumstances. If you face these allegations or suspect you may be under investigation, contacting and retaining skilled legal counsel should be your number one priority.

A capable Citrus Park drug trafficking lawyer will be the steadfast ally you need to achieve the best possible resolution to your case. Call Grand Canyon Law Group today to learn more.

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