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In Arizona, it is illegal to have sex with another person in exchange for money. However, the state’s anti-prostitution laws are far more complex and expansive than this simple definition. Merely offering or agreeing to have sex in exchange for money is illegal. Any sexual contact in exchange for anything of value is also against the law.

If you are accused of this offense, you need relentless representation from a dedicated attorney to preserve your rights and reputation. At Grand Canyon Law Group, a Citrus Park prostitution lawyer can offer guidance no matter the exact circumstances that led to your arrest. Our former prosecutors can explain the state’s laws, evaluate the evidence that led to an arrest, and build an airtight defense on your behalf.


Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3211 (5) is the state’s anti-prostitution statute. This law says it is illegal to have sexual intercourse in exchange for money. However, having any form of sexual contact in exchange for anything of value is also a violation. For example, having oral sex in exchange for a gift card is just as illegal as having sex for cash.

Allegations of merely offering or attempting to participate in these arrangements can also lead to criminal charges. This means that police may make an arrest if they have information about a planned meetup, even if an exchange of goods for services never takes place. Our Citrus Park attorneys can provide more information about the state’s prostitution laws and what a prosecutor must prove to obtain a conviction.


State law says that incidents of prostitution are class 1 misdemeanors. This means that the maximum penalties after a conviction are a six-month jail sentence, a fine of up to $2,500, or both. However, just as concerning is the creation of a criminal record. This could make it difficult to obtain housing, secure a job, or attend school. Clearly, it is critical to protect one’s future and way of life by disputing prostitution charges with the help of a dedicated lawyer at our firm.


While state law classifies prostitution as a misdemeanor, it also states that a conviction comes with a mandatory jail sentence. Under the state’s prostitution statute, a judge hearing a case that ends with a guilty finding must sentence a person to no less than 15 days in jail. This harsh penalty further emphasizes the need to fight back against these allegations with a Citrus Park prostitution attorney.


Allegations of prostitution are serious matters. Not only will a conviction create a criminal record, but state law says that judges hearing these cases must sentence a guilty person to mandatory jail time. As a result, any allegation of prostitution is a cause for concern.

Luckily, a Citrus Park prostitution lawyer is here to fight for you. The team at Grand Canyon Law Group will explain the state’s laws and evaluate the information that led law enforcement to make an arrest. With this information, we can get to work building a defense that protects your rights and reputation. Give us a call today to learn how we can fight for you.

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