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A felony conviction will have a significant impact on the rest of your life. In addition to the criminal sentence, a record as a felon could limit your opportunities and rights forever. When the stakes are this high, you need aggressive representation from a skilled attorney.

Do not trust your future to a public defender or inexperienced counsel. A Citrus Park felony lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group has the experience and know-how to secure a positive resolution to your case. We believe you have a way of life worth fighting for.


There are many consequences of a felony conviction on your record. For one, the conviction will appear on background checks. Many employers will not hire felons, and a felony record also could limit housing opportunities or make it more difficult to secure credit.

A felony conviction also affects certain civil rights. Felons may not vote, serve on a jury, run for public office, or join the military. Felons lose the right to possess firearms. Certain jobs could be off-limits to a felon for a specific period or indefinitely.

Additionally, a felony conviction could have a devastating effect on family law matters. Courts can consider the conviction when deciding on child custody. In some cases, a judge could terminate a felon’s parental rights without requiring Child Protective Services (CPS) to attempt to preserve the relationship. To prevent these various consequences of a felony conviction, those accused should work with a Citrus Park lawyer on their defense.


The immediate concern for most people facing felony charges is the sentence they might face. Arizona follows a complicated sentencing scheme that gives judges some discretion for most felonies within a range of potential sentences. The range differs depending on whether it is a first offense or the offender has prior felony convictions.

The state has six categories of felonies, from Class 6 to Class 1. Within each category are dangerous and non-dangerous crimes. The law describes a presumptive, minimum, and maximum sentence based on the class of the felony and whether it is considered a dangerous crime. A judge could impose probation rather than prison for most non-dangerous crimes, except for some drug offenses.

A judge could impose more than the maximum or less than the minimum sentence depending on whether mitigating or aggravating factors exist. Arizona Revised Statute §13-701 describes the aggravating and mitigating factors a court must consider. Our seasoned local attorneys can present mitigating factors in a felony case to decrease the potential penalties and protect a person’s freedom.


Every felony case is unique, and our lawyers in Citrus Park work to construct a defense tailored to the circumstances. However, some basic principles apply to every criminal defense case.

The police must respect the rights of the accused, but unfortunately, law enforcement officers often overstep their bounds. Depending on the circumstances, a Citrus Park felony attorney could investigate whether the officers:

  • Had appropriate warrants and executed them correctly
  • Had reasonable suspicion to make a traffic stop
  • Had probable cause to conduct a search
  • Promptly informed a suspect of their right to remain silent and have an attorney

If not, a judge might exclude evidence the police obtained in violation of the suspect’s rights or dismiss the charges.

Another defense tactic is to challenge the prosecutor’s evidence. Each crime has certain elements a prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt to obtain a conviction. If the proof of one or more elements is weak, the defense could exploit the weakness to convince a prosecutor to dismiss the charge or allow a plea to a lesser charge. If the prosecutor does not make a reasonable offer, winning an acquittal at a trial could be possible.


A felony charge is a serious matter that could have lifelong implications. If you have been charged with a felony, consult a seasoned attorney immediately on your defense.

A Citrus Park felony lawyer at our firm will work tirelessly for the most favorable outcome in your case. Call Grand Canyon Law Group today to learn how our former prosecutors, now dedicated defense attorneys, can fight for you.

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