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Any person facing accusations in criminal court needs to be proactive in defending themselves. Even if a conviction does not end in a jail sentence, it will create a criminal record that could impact an individual’s employment, living arrangements, or eligibility for government benefits. However, if an accused person is a college or university student, the consequences could be much more severe. These schools use codes of conduct to control the actions of their students. The mere accusation or criminal activity could lead a school to discipline a student, even if they are not convicted in court.

Let a Citrus Park student defense lawyer represent you in and out of court to protect your future. Our dedicated attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group believe you have a future and a way of life worth saving. We will mount a strong defense against criminal charges and fight for your ability to continue your education.


The criminal code in Arizona applies to every adult, even if that adult is a college or university student. Schools have their own security forces to investigate apparent illegal activity, and they also have an obligation under the law to report any crimes to local law enforcement. This means that alleged criminal activity occurring on campus or in public may lead to criminal prosecutions.

A seasoned local attorney could play a crucial role in defending students against these accusations. Common allegations that impact students may include:

A conviction can have dire consequences, whether a criminal allegation is a misdemeanor or a felony. This could create a criminal record, force a student to pay a fine, or require jail time. A Citrus Park student defense attorney can help fight against these charges in criminal court.


Most students prepare and study for years to obtain admission to the college or university of their choice. Sadly, the mere allegation of criminal activity or violations of a school’s code of conduct could end a student’s time at school.

Schools often act on their own to investigate these incidents, whether the alleged incident happened on campus or not. Furthermore, they can discipline students even if a criminal court does not. As such, it is important to act quickly and get in front of these charges.

A Citrus Park student defense lawyer can help throughout the legal and disciplinary process. Every school maintains its own procedures for handling allegations. However, an attorney could help investigate the incident, prepare students for questioning, and attend in-person sessions to ask questions or present evidence. This could help individuals to defend their right to continue their education.


Students at colleges and universities must take special care to protect their reputations and prospects. This is especially true when facing criminal prosecution or a supposed violation of a school’s code of conduct.

In criminal cases, even a misdemeanor could lead to harsh punishments that impact your life for years to come. More serious charges are felonies that can result in lengthy prison sentences.

Additionally, schools can act of their own volition to investigate the improper conduct of their students. They could suspend or even expel you, even if you are acquitted on criminal charges. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our Citrus Park student defense lawyers want to help you maintain your freedom and preserve your ability to continue your education. Give us a call today to get started on your defense.

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