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Citrus Park Protective Orders Attorney

Protective orders are meant to protect victims of alleged crimes. If the court believes a person may have committed or threatened a violent crime, it can create a temporary restraining order. If the case ends with a conviction, these orders can become permanent.

The subjects of these prospective orders need legal representation from an experienced attorney to protect their rights. These orders can restrict where they can travel, whom they can interact with, and even where they can live. A Citrus Park protective orders lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group can defend you when criminal allegations threaten to upend your life.


Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3601 allows the court to hold a hearing for a protective order in instances of alleged domestic violence or other crimes. The creation of these orders can limit the defendant’s freedom, including their ability to:

  • Contact the alleged victim in any way
  • Enter the alleged victim’s home, school, or place of business
  • Contact the alleged victim’s friends or family
  • Possess a firearm

Our Citrus Park attorneys are ready to provide more information about the court’s ability to issue protective orders and the potential impact on a person’s rights.


Any restraining order carries the full weight of the law, whether it is temporary or permanent. This is an official court decision that all parties are obligated to follow. Any failure to adhere to the conditions presented in the order is a criminal act.

AZ Rev. Stat. § 13-3602 states that purposely or knowingly disobeying a protective order is a class one misdemeanor. If a court issues a conviction on this new criminal charge, it may impose a jail sentence of up to one year.

If the violation occurs while a person awaits trial on the case that led to the protective order, the court will likely revoke their bail. This means they will be sent to jail to await trial. The seasoned lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group can help defend against allegations that a person has violated a protective order.


Law enforcement takes protective orders very seriously. After any criminal allegation of threats or violence against another person, the court may impose a temporary restraining order that limits your freedoms. It is vital that you take steps to protect yourself.

A Citrus Park protective orders lawyer can help you fight back against the imposition of these orders and combat the underlying criminal charges. Our legal team works to dispel the idea that you are a threat to other people and stands up for your rights. We are also ready to help those facing accusations of protective order violations.

Protective orders can go into effect quickly and severely impact your freedom and rights. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we believe you have a way of life worth saving. Contact our skilled legal team immediately to discuss your situation, and let us get to work building your defense.

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