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Tempe Felony Assault Attorney

The term assault covers a broad range of crimes under Arizona law. Depending on the facts of the individual case, assault charges can vary from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies. People facing felony assault charges can face harsh legal consequences, including lengthy prison sentences.

When you face enhanced assault charges, contacting a seasoned attorney as soon as possible is critical. A Tempe felony assault lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group can explain and prepare you for the legal process. We will take the lead in building an effective defense strategy to help you beat the charges.


Arizona law defines assault as someone knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly causing physical harm to another person; intentionally placing someone in reasonable fear of imminent harm; or knowingly touching someone with the intention of injuring, provoking, or insulting them.

People can face simple assault charges even if the alleged victim does not experience any physical injury. In these cases, the assault charge is usually a misdemeanor. A simple assault conviction still comes with serious criminal penalties, including up to six months of incarceration and monetary fines.

Our seasoned attorneys in Tempe can explain the difference between misdemeanor and felony assault charges during a private consultation.


Under Arizona law, a felony assault is known as aggravated assault. These charges are severe and can result in lengthy prison sentences. Anyone accused of felony assault should not take the charges lightly.

To convict someone of felony assault, a prosecutor must first prove that they committed an assault. They must then prove that the facts of the incident warrant elevated charges. Various factors can escalate an assault from simple to aggravated, including the following:

  • If the attack causes serious physical harm to someone else
  • If the attacker uses a dangerous or deadly weapon
  • If the assault uses force that causes temporary but substantial disfigurement or impairment of any bodily part
  • If the assault occurs while the alleged victim is bound or restrained
  • If the assault occurs in someone’s private home
  • If the suspected assailant is over eighteen and the victim is under fifteen

Felony charges may also result if the defendant allegedly assaults someone from certain protected classes, such as police officers, firefighters, teachers, medical workers, prosecutors, public defenders, state rangers, code enforcement officers, or judicial officers.


Felony assault crimes can range from Class 6 to Class 2 felonies, and potential prison sentences can vary widely depending on several circumstances. Factors include whether the alleged offender had a history of prior convictions, whether the assault was a dangerous or a non-dangerous offense, and whether there were any mitigating or aggravating circumstances.

A Class 6 non-dangerous felony assault has a presumptive sentence of one year in prison. A conviction for a Class 6 dangerous felony assault has a presumptive sentence of 2.25 years, although the term can vary from 1.5 to three years for first-time offenders. The most severe aggravated assault charge is a Class 2 dangerous felony with a presumptive sentence of 10.5 years. The term can vary from seven to 21 years for a first-time offender; repeat offenders face even harsher penalties. No matter what level of felony assault charges a person faces, our skilled Tempe lawyers can explain the potential penalties and work to prevent them.


Felony assault is a serious crime with longstanding professional, financial, and personal ramifications upon conviction. Working with a seasoned legal team could give you a fighting chance to get your life back.

Speak with a Tempe felony assault lawyer about your situation and learn your options for defending your case. Contact Grand Canyon Law Group today for the dedicated representation you deserve.

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