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Universities like ASU and Mesa Community College often implement Title IX workshops to limit on-campus harassment. Unfortunately, elements of Title IX can be misused to the point where university students, staff, and faculty may be falsely accused.

Title IX accusations do more than complicate your relationship with your university. If these accusations go unchallenged, they can also put your personal and professional future in danger. If you find yourself contending with Title IX accusations, know that you are not alone. A Tempe Title IX lawyer can help you fight back against allegations of harassment and protect your rights. Consult with a skilled defense attorney to learn more.


The Higher Education Amendments of 1972 outlines the basics of Title IX for universities nationwide. Here, the federal government notes that discrimination based on sex is prohibited within educational institutions. There has been controversy over the years surrounding Title IX, but the Supreme Court has upheld that individuals cannot be discriminated against based on biological sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

The changing nature of Title IX has left many universities wrong-footed when addressing alleged harassment. Students, staff, and faculty members who bring forward complaints regarding sexual assault, coercion, or harassment have been encouraged to consult each university’s Title IX offices for broader assessment. A Tempe attorney experienced in Title IX cases can also help an individual better understand the accusations brought against them at a university.


Universities across the state can implement their own statutes and consequences for alleged Title IX violations. Parties facing Title IX accusations must then assess how their university intends to respond and, in turn, what rights they have throughout the investigative process.

This is where a Title IX lawyer comes into play. Parties accused of sexual harassment or other Title IX violations can work with an attorney to determine:

  • The nature of the allegations brought against them
  • The sanctions a university may level against them
  • The impact previous accusations or convictions may have on the aforementioned sanctions
  • What rights to defense they may have
  • What effective defenses may limit their related consequences

In most cases, university affiliates who have been accused or convicted of sexual harassment in the past will face more severe sanctions than they would otherwise.

An attorney can also communicate with a university on the accused party’s behalf, limiting the potential for miscommunication between all parties involved in the case. Most importantly, Tempe Title IX attorneys can ensure due process for accused parties, and fight to make sure that the accused’s side of the story is heard.


Title IX policies can often be interpreted in a multitude of ways, which can lead to unfair accusations. A university’s misguided attempts to course-correct in the face of Title IX allegations can jeopardize students, staff, and faculty’s chance to better their futures.

If you find yourself facing Title IX allegations, do not wait to schedule a consultation with an attorney. Beginning with your initial consultation, a Tempe Title IX lawyer can walk you through your legal options and ensure your rights and way of life are protected. Contact our team at Grand Canyon Law Group today to get started.

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