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Few criminal offenses carry the potential penalties and social stigma that stalking does. These allegations are serious, and prosecutors are known for aggressively seeking a conviction following an arrest.

If you are facing stalking accusations, it is crucial that you obtain legal counsel to help you protect your legal rights. An aggressive domestic violence attorney can help you achieve the best possible outcome with a comprehensive strategy. Call a Tempe stalking lawyer from Grand Canyon Law Group today to discuss your options.


The crime of stalking involves specific conduct that a person intentionally directs at someone else. In order for the state to obtain a conviction, they must be able to show that the alleged victim suffered emotional distress or was in fear for their life due to these actions. A stalking attorney in Tempe can pursue a defense strategy for either situation.


A person can be convicted of stalking if their actions cause someone else emotional distress. However, the accused should only be found guilty in cases where this stress is linked to a reasonable fear that certain harm will happen to them. The law provides several examples of behavior that might qualify, including destroying the alleged victim’s property and fear of severe injuries to friends, family members, or pets.


A stalking conviction may also stem from actions that lead to a reasonable fear of death. These concerns are not limited to the life of the reporting witness and can also apply to family members, romantic partners, or domestic animals.


While an arrest on harassment-related charges can be overwhelming, it is essential to remember that there is an opportunity to fight back. Stalking charges are often defensible, with many defendants avoiding a conviction entirely.


A key aspect of building a defense strategy involves looking at the statute’s language. For example, stalking convictions are only appropriate in cases where the alleged victim was in reasonable fear. Evidence that no rational person will be alarmed by the accused’s behavior is significant at trial.


There are also times when the police make mistakes that lead to an arrest. This is especially common in situations where a person is unclear on the identity of their stalker. If the police make a rush to judgment and fail to adequately investigate the case, it might lead to a wrongful arrest.

In addition, the state is obligated to follow specific rules regarding the gathering of evidence. If the police violate the law during a search of the accused or their property, any evidence they obtain may be unusable in court.

The best way to secure a viable defense strategy is with the support of a Tempe stalking attorney. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our experienced team of lawyers understands how to investigate these allegations and break down the state’s evidence. Let us answer your questions during a private consultation.


It is a risky move to defend yourself against stalking allegations. The prosecutor is likely to aggressively pursue a conviction, which can be hard to overcome on your own.

You have the right to hire legal counsel to level the playing field. Call Grand Canyon Law Group today to discuss your options with a Tempe stalking lawyer – time is of the essence, so reach out to us today.

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