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Many substances are heavily regulated, from prescription medications to street narcotics. Even possessing legal pills can lead to criminal consequences without a valid prescription. When you face charges for illegally possessing prescription drugs, you need to be proactive in protecting your best interests.

A Tempe prescription drug lawyer can help you fight the charges and defend your future. The former prosecutors at Grand Canyon Law Group are now dedicated defense lawyers who will work tirelessly to secure a positive resolution to your case.


Unlike with most drug offenses, the primary issue regarding prescription drugs is not whether the accused possessed these substances. In most cases, the primary issue is whether the accused was authorized to have the prescription drugs.

Possessing any amount of prescription drugs without authorization could result in severe consequences, including steep fines and potential incarceration. First-time offenders typically face lighter penalties and receive probation instead of jail time. Those with prior convictions risk enhanced sentencing, as our Tempe prescription drug attorneys can explain.

The illegal sale of prescription medication is treated harshly under state law. In most cases, any attempt to sell or distribute these substances will be treated the same as any other controlled substance. Those accused of illegally selling prescription drugs should consult the skilled lawyers at our firm as soon as possible about their options for defense.


Like any criminal charge, legal counsel can use various defense strategies against charges for possession of prescription medication. Our Tempe prescription drug attorneys often leverage the following strategies.


Many prescription drug possession cases are built around a traffic stop or the search of private property. However, police are limited in their ability to perform searches and seizures. When law enforcement violates the accused’s constitutional rights, this can make for a strong defense strategy.

In these situations, an experienced attorney could file a motion to exclude evidence based on the legal theory known as the “fruit of the poisonous tree.” Under this theory, evidence resulting from an illegal search or seizure should not be allowed at trial.


Ultimately, these cases are usually about possessing medication without a prescription. If a lawyer can show that the accused had a valid prescription at the time of the arrest, the charges could be dismissed.


It is ultimately up to the state to prove guilt in these cases beyond a reasonable doubt. One of the strongest defense strategies involves holding them to this burden. In this case, our Tempe prescription drug attorneys might focus on the prosecution’s lack of evidence of guilt. We can assess the prosecution’s case and attack the weaknesses to secure a favorable outcome and protect a defendant’s way of life.


When you face drug charges over prescription medications, you may feel confused, stressed, and unsure what to do. It is important to remember that these charges are often defensible. The right attorney can work to get these cases dismissed or defeat the charges at trial.

Do not take any risks with your case. Give yourself the best chances of a positive outcome by working with a Tempe prescription drug lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group. Call our firm today to set up a consultation and get started on your defense.

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