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The traffic laws in Tempe and throughout the state exist to protect everyone on the road. Some of the most crucial examples of this are speed limits. For many people, a police officer’s stop and issuance of a ticket is a mere annoyance that requires little more than the payment of a fine.

However, if a driver is supposedly many miles over the limit or has operated in a way that has endangered others, this may lead a police officer to make a formal arrest. This can result in a full criminal court case, requiring representation from a skilled attorney. At Grand Canyon Law Group, a Tempe criminal speeding lawyer works to defeat these allegations in court and preserve your driving privileges.


All people operating motor vehicles on public roads must be sure to follow the speed limits. Exceeding these stated limits can justify a police officer to make a stop and issue a ticket.

In addition, state law says that it is illegal to drive at a speed that is inappropriate for the current surroundings and situation. According to Arizona Revised Statute § 28-701, a police officer may make a stop for speeding if, in their judgment, an operator was driving in a manner that was not reasonable and prudent.

Even so, this is merely a traffic violation where the maximum available penalty is a fine. Where people need to be concerned is when a traffic offense becomes a criminal matter.


Under AZ Rev. Stat. § 28-701.02, an excessive speed arrest can occur if:

  • A person travels at over 35 miles per hour in a school crossing
  • A person exceeds a posted speed limit by more than 20 miles per hour in a business or residential district, or if no limit is posted, travels at more than 45 miles per hour
  • A person drives at more than 20 miles per hour over the limit in any other location

Convictions under this law are class 3 misdemeanors, where punishments can include up to 30 days in jail and fines up to $500.


Even more concerning are situations where a person faces prosecution for allegations of reckless driving. Excessive speeding could certainly motivate a police officer to make an arrest under this law. Here, convictions are class 1 misdemeanors that can bring up to one year in jail. A Tempe attorney could provide more information about when speeding becomes a criminal offense.


The criminal penalties accompanying a speeding conviction may not be a person’s only concern. Even if a court does not sentence a guilty person to jail time, they must still apply points to a person’s driver’s license.

Under state law, if a driver accumulates eight or more points within 12 months, the MVD may issue a license suspension for up to a year and require a person to attend traffic school.

Regular speeding tickets result in three points on a person’s license. However, if an officer decides to pursue a case under a theory of reckless driving, the conviction will bring eight points and an automatic suspension. A criminal speeding lawyer at our firm could help prevent the potential administrative penalties that accompany these charges.


Most speed limit violations will result in no more than the payment of a fine and points on your driving record. However, if the incident occurred in a school zone or your supposed speed far exceeded the posted speed limits, a police officer may choose to make an arrest and pursue the case as an example of criminal speeding. Convictions here will create a criminal record and could result in jail time.

Let a Tempe criminal speeding lawyer fight for your rights. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we can explain when speeding becomes a criminal offense and investigate why an officer has chosen to make this decision. Our legal team will then evaluate the evidence in your case and craft a defense to protect your freedom and driving privileges. Call today for a consultation.

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