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Every allegation involving theft is a serious matter under state law. However, law enforcement and prosecutors treat robbery cases even more harshly than other instances of theft. These charges allege the use or threat of force in taking someone else’s property.

A robbery is always a felony. This means that a conviction can bring upwards of one year in prison. As a result, it is vital to fight back against these allegations with help from a relentless attorney. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we have a deep understanding of the law, the ability to uncover new evidence, and knowledge of how the local courts function. Hiring our Tempe robbery lawyers to handle your case could make all the difference in the outcome.


In simple terms, a robbery is a theft that involves the use or threat of force. More specifically, Arizona Revised Statute § 13-1902 says that a robbery occurs when an alleged thief uses force to take property off the body of an alleged victim.

Although these incidents may involve the use of physical violence, prosecutors can pursue robbery charges even if physical contact never occurs. Under the statute, a robbery can revolve around the alleged victim’s perception of the event. For instance, suppose a defendant allegedly makes threats to use force and another person hands them a wallet. This could count as a robbery under state law. A Tempe robbery attorney can provide more information about this essential concept.


State law lists a robbery as a class 4 felony. This means that a conviction can result in a wide range of possible penalties. If this is a person’s first felony conviction, mitigating factors may convince a court to issue a prison sentence as short as one year. However, a similar case with aggravating factors could result in a sentence of up to 3.75 years. The seasoned robbery lawyers at our firm can clarify the state’s complex felony sentencing laws.


It is crucial to fight back against robbery allegations to avoid severe penalties. The experienced attorneys at our firm can dispute that the event in question ever happened or argue that the case should move forward as a simple theft.

Our Tempe robbery lawyers can work to dispute the prosecutor’s evidence at trial. This can involve cross-examining an alleged victim while on the witness stand to challenge their recollection of events. It may also involve filing pretrial motions that aim to exclude pieces of a prosecutor’s case.

A successful defense may also involve convincing a prosecutor to reduce the severity of a charge. If there is limited evidence that a theft involved the use or threat of force, a case may move forward as a simple theft where a conviction can bring much less severe penalties.


An accusation that you have committed a robbery must be taken seriously. These are felony cases where a conviction will likely bring a prison sentence. With this in mind, it is crucially important to begin building a defense as soon as possible.

Working with a Tempe robbery lawyer is your best option. Our dedicated defense attorneys are former prosecutors who can explain the state’s laws, uncover evidence that promotes your case, and evaluate the case against you. Contact the Grand Canyon Law Group now to explore your options and protect your future.

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