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Not all drug-related offenses involve the possession or sale of controlled substances. In some cases, you could face serious consequences for merely possessing what is known as “drug paraphernalia.” This term describes objects often used with narcotics. Since this definition is broad, many people are arrested for possessing items that are not illegal on their own.

When you are accused of possessing materials for manufacturing, distributing, or consuming illegal substances, contact a Tempe drug paraphernalia lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group. Our skilled attorneys will review the evidence against you and build a tailored defense strategy to protect your future. Before considering any deal offered by a prosecutor, you should talk things over with a seasoned member of our team.


Under the law, it is a crime to possess, sell, deliver, or even advertise for sale any form of drug paraphernalia. The meaning of this is not always obvious, though. Arizona statutes define drug paraphernalia as materials or products designed to be used with illegal narcotics.

While items that facilitate the use of illegal substances, such as syringes or pipes, can certainly be considered paraphernalia, many more things fall under the definition of the term. Owning anything involved in using, selling, manufacturing, packaging, testing, or concealing illicit substances is illegal. This could include anything from rolling papers to small plastic bags.

Proving an item is used for illegal drugs is not always simple. Some factors a prosecutor could rely on when alleging an object qualifies as drug paraphernalia include the following:

  • Proximity to illegal substances
  • Drug residue on the item
  • Admissions or statements by witnesses

Whether an item is considered drug paraphernalia is often subjective. This gives our experienced Tempe attorneys room to argue that the defendant possessed the alleged drug paraphernalia for legal use. Often, this is enough to avoid a conviction at trial.


These cases may not carry the same penalties as other drug offenses, but they can still have serious consequences that may negatively affect a person’s life for years to come. First-time offenders could face a Class 6 felony conviction, which comes with four months to two years of jail time. Other circumstances, such as prior convictions, could also increase the amount of time a person spends behind bars for this offense. Mitigating factors, such as a clean record or being a student at the time of their arrest, could lead to reduced penalties.

It is also worth noting that first-time offenders could be offered probation when pleading guilty. This means they could avoid spending additional time in jail if they meet certain requirements. Our skilled lawyers in Tempe can work to resolve a drug paraphernalia charge favorably and minimize the impact on a defendant’s way of life.


Drug paraphernalia charges could lead to serious penalties—but only if you are convicted. The right defense strategy can help you beat the allegations and move forward with your life. Reach out to a Tempe drug paraphernalia lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case. A consultation with the legal team at Grand Canyon Law Group can help you understand your options and determine an effective strategy for your situation.

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