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New college students are excited to start school and look forward to what the future may hold for them. However, university is often a young adult’s first time on their own, and they may make mistakes. Some mistakes can cause legal troubles and lead to negative consequences for years to come.

Everyone makes errors in judgment, and a lapse in character should not define a college student’s future. If you face university disciplinary board action, criminal charges, or both, reach out to a Tempe student defense lawyer right away. Speaking with a dedicated attorney at the Grand Canyon Law Group can help prevent a damaging criminal conviction.


In criminal court, a defendant is innocent until the prosecution proves they are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. However, disciplinary board hearings at universities are different, and the student often carries the burden of proving they are innocent in these cases.

Even if the state does not file criminal charges arising out of an incident on a college campus, a student can still face disciplinary action from their college or university. Depending on the situation, the students may face a loss of privileges, suspension, or even expulsion. To prevent these harsh penalties, students in Tempe facing disciplinary actions should reach out to a hardworking lawyer. The skilled attorneys at our firm know how to help students protect their rights and future prospects at these hearings.


Students commonly face charges for various alleged offenses, including:

The aftermath of an arrest for any criminal charges is always a stressful and overwhelming time, especially for a young adult. However, it is important to keep in mind that an arrest does not mean a conviction. Students facing criminal charges should consult an experienced local attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group as soon as possible to learn their legal options.


Any individual who intentionally or knowingly engages in sexual intercourse without consent may be charged with sexual assault. As per Arizona statute 13-1406, a student facing first-time sexual assault charges could receive between 5.25 and 14 years in prison upon conviction.

They will also receive a class two felony conviction on their permanent criminal record. A defendant with prior felony convictions could serve a jail sentence of up to 28 years. A student defense lawyer in Tempe understands the significance of these types of charges and could guide an accused individual through the court process.


After an action that leads to legal consequences, students must take immediate steps to defend their rights and freedom. Even if the court date seems off in the distant future, early preparation could make a massive difference in the case’s outcome.

The first step is reaching out to a hardworking attorney with experience defending college students. The more time the student and their attorney have to plan a defense strategy, the better the chances of a positive outcome.


If you are a student facing criminal charges and/or disciplinary action at your school, you must act quickly to build a solid defense. A conviction in criminal court will remain on your permanent record and cause many problems in your future. Additionally, your school could enforce penalties even if there are no criminal charges or the state drops them before trial.

At the Grand Canyon Law Group, a Tempe student defense lawyer could aggressively advocate on your behalf and work for the best possible outcome in your case. If you need help fighting charges, contact our dedicated team today to get started.

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