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Tempe Post-Conviction Relief Attorney

Criminal convictions are always serious matters. Even a mere arrest will create a criminal record that could negatively impact your life moving forward. For those who have received a guilty verdict in criminal court, either after a conviction or an admission of guilt, you may be able to challenge this result.

If you believe your conviction resulted from a legal error, contact a skilled attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group to discuss your options. A Tempe post-conviction relief lawyer could also help if the emergence of new evidence has called the original outcome of your case into doubt. We could explain what post-conviction relief means, evaluate when it is appropriate, and guide you through the process of fighting for your future.


The post-conviction relief process is a way for people who have not received full justice in court to contest their current sentence. However, this option is not available to everyone, and those seeking relief must be sure to follow the State’s strict processes.


The first step is to file a Notice Requesting Post-Conviction Relief. This official form informs the court and prosecutor of a person’s request for a new outcome. This petition must include information about the conviction, the defendant, and why relief is appropriate.


The next step is to create a formal Petition for Post-Conviction relief. This will state why relief is appropriate and must refer to new evidence, judicial error, or another legal basis for a formal hearing. The petition may also request a specific form of relief that may involve a new trial or a reduction in sentence length. A Tempe attorney at our firm can further explain the process and draft petitions on behalf of those seeking post-conviction relief.


A conviction in criminal court profoundly impacts a person’s present and future. Many of these cases will result in a lengthy prison sentence and label a person as a felon for the rest of their life. It is understandable to want to avoid this outcome.

Some people may be able to seek out post-conviction relief. Arizona Rule of Criminal Procedure 32.1 states that post-conviction relief is available if:

  • A jury or judge’s guilty finding was the product of a violation of the defendant’s Constitutional rights
  • Changes in the law now in place would have resulted in a shorter sentence on the date of conviction
  • New evidence has emerged that is likely to have changed the outcome

The law also provides a similar process for situations where a defendant pled guilty to a charge. According to the AZ Rule of Crim. Pro. § 33.1, only the discovery of new evidence or Constitutional violations can justify a request for these people. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our seasoned lawyers can evaluate whether the specific facts of a person’s case may make them eligible for post-conviction relief.


A conviction in criminal court does not necessarily mean you must accept the result. Even if a jury convicts you of a crime or you pled guilty in court, state law sometimes allows for post-conviction relief that may shorten a prison sentence or give you a new trial. However, this is only possible if your rights were violated or if new evidence appears that may have changed an outcome.

A Tempe post-conviction relief lawyer can advise you on obtaining this relief. The team at Grand Canyon Law Group can explain the program and what you need to show to prevail. We work to get the information needed to submit a full petition to the court and take every necessary step to improve your future. Call us today to learn more and discuss your case.

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