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To many individuals, perjury seems like a relatively minor crime. However, the integrity of the justice system and other institutions depends on truthfulness. Because of this, prosecutors and judges take perjury charges seriously.

Contact a Tempe perjury lawyer at the Grand Canyon Law Group if you are under investigation for perjury or have already been charged. Our criminal defense team knows how to craft a successful case.


Most people know that giving false testimony in court is considered perjury. However, the definition is much broader than many realize. According to Arizona Revised Statute § 13-2702, intentionally lying on a sworn statement or unsworn declaration is perjury.

The following situations could constitute perjury:

  • Verifying a false alibi
  • Lying on an income tax filing
  • Failing to reveal debt on a mortgage application
  • Exaggerating the severity of an injury in a deposition
  • Falsely claiming to have witnessed someone sign a will
  • Making an insurance claim for theft when nothing was stolen

Perjury can occur in any circumstance where the truth of a person’s statement is critical to an issue or decision. A false statement is not perjury unless the person knew it was inaccurate when they made it.

In addition, a statement must be made under oath, or the individual must be informed that they are making it under penalty of perjury. Finally, the statement must be material, impacting the outcome. A skilled defense attorney in Tempe can defend against a perjury charge by demonstrating that the defendant believed the statement was true when they made it, was not under oath or penalty of perjury, or was not material to the issue.


Perjury is a Class 4 felony, meaning an offender must serve time in prison. Probation in lieu of incarceration is possible in some cases, but the program is rigorous, and the alleged offender is responsible for the cost.

A person sentenced to incarceration could serve one year if the judge finds mitigating circumstances or three years and nine months for aggravating circumstances. The presumptive sentence is two years and six months. A Tempe perjury attorney with the Grand Canyon Law Group can work to negotiate a sentence that requires up to four years of probation without prison time.

Penalties are more severe when the alleged offender has prior criminal convictions. Compared to prison, probation is usually not an option when there are past convictions. A single prior conviction increases the presumptive sentence to four and a half years, and multiple priors extend the presumptive sentence to ten years in prison.


“Crimes of moral turpitude” involve dishonesty, including perjury. Someone convicted of a crime of moral turpitude is ineligible for many professional licenses. Likewise, a doctor, lawyer, accountant, or other licensed professional might be unable to renew their license. A conviction could also prevent a person from bidding on government contracts.

A perjury conviction could endanger an individual’s immigration status. For example, someone in the U.S. on a visa could face deportation. Similarly, Green Card holders could be denied citizenship, lose their status as permanent residents, face deportation, and be permanently barred from returning to the U.S.

All felony convictions involve a loss of rights, such as the right to vote, run for office, and possess firearms. They also limit an offender’s employment, housing, and travel options and could impact child custody decisions. Working with a skilled defense attorney in Tempe is essential to avoid a conviction when possible and limit the consequences if not.


You must take perjury charges seriously. A conviction could result in jail time and a permanent record as a felon.

Talk to the former Grand Canyon Law Group prosecutors about your situation immediately. One of our Tempe perjury lawyers can help you resolve the charges. Get in touch today.

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