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Cases alleging illegal drug distribution are among the most common in Tempe criminal courts. Even so, their commonality does not diminish the severity of these charges. Merely possessing many of these substances in a significant quantity can justify an arrest and prosecution for drug distribution. This is a felony charge that can significantly impact our future.

No matter your situation, a Tempe drug distribution lawyer is ready to help you. This could include seeking a plea deal to lessen a penalty or fighting the charges in court. Contact the skilled attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group to fight for your way of life.


Being accused of possessing illegal drugs is certainly serious, but even more concerning are cases that allege distribution. These are class 2 felonies under Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3407. This means that a first felony conviction with mitigating circumstances requires a court to issue a prison sentence of at least three years. Aggravating factors can extend a prison sentence to as long as 12.5 years. When the stakes are this high, those accused of drug distribution need relentless legal representation from a Tempe lawyer.


Every drug case requires a prosecutor to prove certain concepts in court. At their core, these involve the alleged possession of illegal substances. In some situations, it is worth questioning whether the substances involved were actually illicit drugs.

Another common defense tactic is to dispute whether a defendant ever possessed the items in question. Our Tempe drug distribution attorney could argue whether a defendant was the person selling the items in question. At trial, we may be able to show that a defendant was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Other defense cases rely on contesting whether the police methods that led to an arrest were legal. Every person has an expectation of privacy, and police can only violate this privacy if they have a proper cause. Police asking for a search warrant must be able to prove to a judge that there is probable cause for a crime. Similarly, police can only search a suspect’s body if there is probable cause or if they have already made an arrest for another alleged crime.

Disputing these searches can result in a court throwing out evidence that weakens a prosecutor’s case. Our Tempe drug distribution attorneys can contest the legality of the police’s search tactics under state and federal laws. Grand Canyon Law Group works to analyze the facts of each person’s case to develop a defense that best fits the situation.


Many drug cases are misdemeanors, such as alleging possession of a small amount of illegal substances. Others are felonies, where convictions can result in lengthy prison sentences. This applies to all charges for the alleged distribution of drugs. Understanding the charges in your case and mounting an effective defense against them is essential to protect your future.

A Tempe drug distribution lawyer is ready to fight for you and your way of life. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we work with people like you to gather evidence about the charge and develop tailored defense strategies. Reach out to us now to get started.

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