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Tempe Drug Possession Attorney

If you face prosecution for drug possession, you must take immediate action to protect your future. In some situations, the prosecutor can increase the penalties you face by alleging that you intended to distribute the substances. Even if you are only charged with simple possession, you face criminal consequences and a permanent mark on your record.

In these situations, working with a Tempe drug possession lawyer is your best chance at protecting your rights and freedoms. Let the dedicated attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group fight for your best interests.


According to Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3407, possessing any street drug or controlled substance without a doctor’s prescription is illegal. Many cases, such as those involving marijuana or LSD, are misdemeanors where convictions can bring a jail sentence of up to one year.


The law is even harsher on the possession of harder drugs. In the least severe examples, a conviction for possessing these drugs is a class 4 felony. Even if this is a person’s first felony conviction and mitigating factors are present, a court must impose a jail sentence of at least one year. Aggravating circumstances in a case could result in a prison sentence of up to 3.75 years.

Our skilled Tempe attorneys are ready to represent those accused of drug possession in criminal court. This could include disputing whether a defendant ever possessed the substances in question, debating the legality of police work that led to the discovery of evidence, and questioning the results of lab tests that appear to show the identity of illegal substances.


While state law still brings harsh punishments if a drug possession case moves through the court system, recent legal reforms offer an alternative. If the defendant in a criminal drug possession case had a drug dependency, the court might allow them to enter a treatment program. If a defendant completes this program to the court’s satisfaction, the court can completely dismiss the criminal charges. However, the burden lies on the defendant to show their need for this treatment and convince the court to allow this alternative to prosecution. Our Tempe drug possession lawyers can help persuade the court to let a defendant enter a treatment program.

State law has also taken steps to allow the legal use of marijuana. However, possessing marijuana can still lead to criminal charges in some cases. Our experienced local attorneys could provide more information about the current marijuana possession laws in the state.


The drug laws in Tempe are complex, making it important to consult a knowledgeable attorney on the charges and potential penalties in your case. Understanding your legal options and making realistic goals is vital to protecting your future.

Whether you wish to contest the charges at trial or pursue an alternative to criminal sentencing, a Tempe drug lawyer is here to help. Our legal team can explain the state’s current drug laws and how they affect your case. During all court sessions, we will tirelessly protect your rights and freedoms. Reach out to Grand Canyon Law Group now to get started.

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