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Drug distribution is a charge prosecutors bring when they believe an individual possesses illegal drugs with the intent to sell them. A prosecutor could infer an intent to sell based on the quantity of drugs allegedly found in a person’s possession. Distribution is a felony charge; a conviction could mean years in prison. If you are facing a drug distribution charge, you need an aggressive advocate in your corner.

Do not put your freedom and future in the hands of someone inexperienced. A Chandler drug distribution lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group will challenge every aspect of the prosecutor’s evidence to achieve the most favorable result possible under the circumstances. Our dedicated defense attorneys are former prosecutors who know how to fight for you and your way of life.


In some cases, the state’s criminal statutes allow law enforcement and prosecutors to make inferences about defendants based on circumstantial evidence. For instance, the law assumes a person intends to sell illegal drugs if they possess a “threshold” quantity.

The threshold quantity differs for various drugs. According to Arizona Revised Statutes §13-3401(36), one gram of heroin meets the threshold. Four grams is the threshold amount for PCP, and it is nine grams for cocaine, fentanyl, and methamphetamine.

Note that the threshold amount allows a prosecutor to assume the defendant intended to sell the drugs. A person with less than the threshold amount could also face distribution charges if there is other evidence of intent to sell, such as if the drugs were hidden or the person also possessed scales, baggies, or a large amount of cash. Regardless of the circumstances that led to drug distribution charges, our Chandler attorneys can work to dispute the prosecution’s case.


Drug distribution crimes are either Class 2 or Class 3 felonies, depending on factors like the type of substance and whether the person possessed the threshold amount. Prison sentences are mandatory if the defendant is convicted of possessing the threshold quantity, even for first-time offenders. If a person possesses less than the threshold quantity, they could face a lengthy prison term if they have prior convictions.

Felony convictions could lead to significant time in prison and large fines. Even after release from prison, the consequences remain severe. A person convicted of drug distribution must serve time on probation after release. They lose their right to vote and possess guns. A conviction results in the suspension of most professional licenses, potentially leaving a person unable to practice their profession.

The seasoned local attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group work to prevent the consequences of a felony distribution conviction.


Before a drug distribution case in Chandler gets to trial, our skilled lawyers would try to get the charges reduced or dismissed. Pointing out police misconduct is sometimes enough to convince a prosecutor not to bring a case. An attorney could present proof that the police did not have:

  • A reasonable suspicion justifying a traffic stop
  • Probable cause to search a vehicle
  • An appropriate search warrant before searching a building

Judges typically suppress evidence police gathered illegally, so a prosecutor might drop a case if there is evidence of poor police work.


Drug distribution is a crime of intent. That means the prosecution must prove the accused person knew they had drugs in their possession, knew that the substances were illegal to possess, and intended to distribute them to others, usually by selling them.

Although a prosecutor could infer intent to justify bringing a distribution charge, they must prove every element of the charge to get a conviction. A Chandler attorney at our firm could cast doubt on the prosecutor’s evidence of intent to distribute and persuade a jury that the prosecutor did not prove every element of their case.


A conviction for distributing illegal drugs could change your life forever. When the potential consequences are this severe, trust your defense to an experienced legal professional who will work tirelessly to secure a positive outcome in your case.

Call a Chandler drug distribution lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group as soon as you are arrested. We are prepared to protect you and your future.

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