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Although all drug charges are serious, certain allegations come with harsher penalties than others. Selling larger quantities of any illegal drug can lead to felony charges with life-long consequences. In Arizona, various law enforcement squads and operations deal with and prioritize drug sale cases. Prosecutors pursue volume dealer charges aggressively, making it crucial to secure legal representation to protect your rights and future.

When you are accused of selling large drug quantities in Chandler, reach out to Grand Canyon Law Group right away. Our skilled attorneys will investigate your case and tailor a defense strategy to the circumstances. We are prepared to fight tirelessly for your best interests.


State law sets statutory thresholds for different illegal substances. When a person allegedly possesses or sells drugs in amounts greater than this threshold, they face Class 2 felony charges with mandatory prison time upon conviction. Each drug category has a unique threshold—some only require a few grams to elevate the drug distribution charges.


The penalties are even more severe for cases involving methamphetamine. A defendant faces five to fifteen years for selling any quantity of this substance. Those accused of selling drugs in greater quantities than the threshold amount should work with an experienced Chandler lawyer to defend against severe penalties.


To investigate volume drug dealer cases, the police will speak with anyone they believe to be involved. They get people to name alleged dealers or identify drug sale locations. The police will then surveil the area, potentially sending in uncover officers to gather evidence of drug sales. They will also obtain search warrants and make arrests.

These operations are frequent in the Chandler area, and anyone who believes they are under investigation for selling large drug quantities should reach out to a local attorney immediately. Police must follow proper procedures when seizing evidence and conducting searches. A dedicated lawyer at our firm can represent someone accused of selling large drug quantities and ensure the police do not violate their rights. We can work to have evidence thrown out if it was collected improperly.


A criminal enterprise is an illegal organization or business engaging in illicit conduct for money. This can be an additional charge on top of the drug sale charges. The police may seize assets allegedly involved in the criminal enterprise, such as property, money, or bank accounts.

Criminal enterprise charges carry statutory consequences and felony prison time upon conviction. These penalties are above anything related to the drug sale charges. If the case allegedly involves a larger organization, foreign operations, or drug trafficking across various states, the federal government may take over the prosecution.

A person can also face conspiracy charges related to drug distribution, sale, or manufacturing. These are similar separate allegations from the criminal enterprise charges. In any large-scale drug sale case, working with a well-practiced attorney is crucial, as the potential penalties can be extreme.


Drug sale cases are complicated, especially when they involve large quantities, and the potential consequences are severe. If you are accused of involvement in a drug trafficking organization, having an attorney who understands the complexities of these cases will be vital for your defense.

Selling large drug quantities in Chandler is a serious offense with mandatory prison time upon conviction. To protect your freedom and way of life, work with Grand Canyon Law Group on an airtight strategy. Call us today to get started.

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