Consequences Of Domestic Violence Charges In Citrus Park

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The acts that most commonly constitute domestic violence could involve criminal property damage, disorderly conduct or disturbance, kidnapping, child abuse or endangerment, sexual offenses, and assault, where somebody is either injured or threatened to be injured. The key aspect of domestic violence is that a relationship exists between the offender and alleged victim.

There will be numerous consequences to a domestic violence charge or conviction in Citrus Park. Grand Canyon Law Group has seasoned domestic violence attorneys to help represent you at this difficult time.


There will be a range of penalties depending on the crime that is committed. Misdemeanor offenses do not have a minimum consequence other than completing 26 weeks of domestic violence counseling and paying a mandatory minimum fine. If you are charged with a more serious felony, you could be looking at prison time, and if you had a previous conviction for domestic violence, judges may impose jail, probation, supervised probation, and additional classes or other sanctions.


One of the biggest consequences of a domestic violence charge for people in Citrus Park is how it impacts child custody plans. If there was a domestic violence incident between spouses who are divorcing, and there are temporary custody orders, those custody orders may change if active domestic violence is proven. That may cause you to lose your ability to parent the child, or to have supervised visits as opposed to open visits. It may affect your ability to make legal decisions on behalf of the child as well.

The family court can look at evidence in police reports and determine whether you should be considered a danger to your child or partner, and limit your ability to contact the former partner for visitation. There may be limitations on how you do a handoff, or the visitation with the children may be limited to virtual visits or phone calls, if there is even any visitation at all.


There is a statute that requires people to obey judicial orders. If you were to violate the release conditions that a judge sets out as part of the criminal case, and there was evidence that you tried to make contact, you could be found in violation of that statute for violating a judicial order.

Likewise, if you violate the order of protection by contacting a person when you are not supposed to, then it is a Class 1 misdemeanor violation. If you violate that order by committing another act of domestic violence, which can include threats or harassment, then that could be charged as a felony violation of a court order.

The consequences can get severe quickly if someone in Citrus Park violates a judicial order for domestic violence.


There is a lot that lawyers can do to change a defendant’s circumstances. After an arrest, a lawyer should be there to argue for your release so you are not held in custody or must pay a hefty bond to be released. Next, lawyers want to be able to argue about the release condition which may involve you coming home and having contact with your family. Additionally, if the court is not willing to give those freedoms right away, then lawyers can petition the court to revisit those release conditions later so you can go back to the family home.

Additionally, as the case progresses through the court, you need a competent attorney who knows how to navigate that process. It is often the best strategy to set these cases for trial, because sometimes the state’s proof is limited, or their case is dependent on a witness who may or may not even be cooperative with the prosecution.


There is some important strategy that must take place as these cases move through the court system. Lawyers must be on the lookout for collateral consequences like custody and visitation with children. Handling those aspects in the right way will be critical for the outcome and long-term success of that person’s case.

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