What To Expect In Citrus Park Domestic Violence Cases

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So, you have been charged with domestic violence and want to know what comes next. Grand Canyon Law Group has you covered. Our experienced domestic violence attorney, Ryan McPhie, wants to help put you at ease as you prepare for the next steps. Call us NOW to learn what you can expect in a Citrus Park domestic violence case and how our team can help.


Domestic violence is defined more from the relationship: there are certain relationships that qualify as domestic relationships, which is any family member or roommate who shares the same household, as well as anyone who has a child in common or is in a romantic relationship. Any criminal act where the alleged victim falls into one of those categories can qualify as a domestic violence act.


If you have been arrested or charged with domestic violence in Citrus Park, there are a few things you can expect to happen. Typically, police officers will want to arrest someone and book them into custody. They will usually spend the night in jail, and within 24 hours a judge should review their release conditions.

In many situations, a judge will decide the defendant cannot return home or have contact with the alleged victim. That can have a ripple effect and complicate your life.

In the near-term, it is going to be a big change to be in custody and have no home to go back to. Don’t panic! Lawyers can get someone released from custody and persuade the court to allow contact, whether the contact is free, limited, or structured, or possibly allow them to go back home. In the medium or longer term, there will be court dates and other things you must attend while the case moves forward. Call the Grand Canyon Law Group quickly so you can put yourself in a better position.


Officers have several duties as it relates to domestic violence cases. Safety is going to be paramount and officers must make sure that the situation in the home is safe. They want to keep people from being in harm’s way, whether it is adults or children. If they believe they have sufficient evidence of a crime, most law enforcement agencies have policies that say that they must arrest a person, not just issue a citation and leave. They must take the person and book them into custody. It is crucially important to get legal advice from our team so you do not put yourself in this position.


There are also the release conditions that a court can implement as a result of someone being charged with domestic violence in Citrus Park. Over and above that, the alleged victim can seek a separate order of protection, which is not necessarily tied to the criminal case. It is an independent order often from a different judge, where if that judge finds evidence of the possible domestic violence incident, even though the person has not been convicted, the court can issue an order. It tells the defendant not to have any contact, or go to certain places. That order is effective for a year regardless of the outcome in the criminal case.

The defendant in that protective order can challenge the order and argue that there is insufficient evidence to support it and they have a right to a hearing. The order could be withdrawn if the court does not find sufficient evidence of domestic violence.


We have handled these types of cases before and can explain what comes next. However, things can move fast so you need to call us as soon as possible. Grand Canyon Law Group is composed of former prosecutors who know what defendants in Citrus Park should expect when it comes to a domestic violence charge. Schedule a free consultation NOW.